What Has Happened to Ariana Grande’s Voice?


a little look into Ariana Grande’s vocal evolution, specifically concerning technique. not meant to be hateful, only informative! don’t mind the slightly alarming title as well, it’s only meant…

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  1. MrSkinnyJeanz3 says

    I'll also say this. There is no issue with liking her voice now better. I personally think her tone has matured nicely and that she has much better control over her voice now. There is no intention to bash Ariana or people for thinking she's a good vocalist. Ariana is crazy talented. This is not to discredit that. This video is meant to show how the health of Ariana's voice has declined due to improper technique and how things could get worse in the future if she doesn't seek training or stop oversinging. I also wanted to address the fact that she isn't necessarily declining now just because her upper range is getting less accessible. Let's refrain from the accusations of me lying or trying to put her down, because quite frankly… I'm not, and putting her down is not even close to the point of this. Let's be mature about this, all I ask.

  2. Hope Anderson says

    Lol still better than all of us haha

  3. Tyler Devine-Scott says

    She has quite a unique voice now tho but before it was pretty regular sounding

  4. Pietro Michele says

    I Don't know hmm Her Voice was never completed something was always missing , She can't really Sing that good its just screaming and trying to Sing like other Artists She is not Original !!!

  5. ArianaGrandeMexico says


  6. Julia Littlejohn Rodriguez says

    I’m a singer and I have a lot of throat tension and tongue tension when I sing, how can I fix that? Lol (I post covers if you want to check them out!)
    Seriously tho I’ve been struggling with this for months…

  7. Reem Hossam says

    didn't even watch the video, but all ik is she had some issues w her voice but hey, still a legend i sTANNN

  8. Victoria's Dream says

    well I think she was perfect in all of her performances she her did

  9. inXine says

    hope she will take of her voice more from now on, cause we all know what happend to mariah not doing her vocal warm ups. not saying M cant sing no more, but … we all know what i mean.

  10. Kara Hirsch says

    I just see her as young and playing with her vocals trying different things but we all now she can sing

  11. laura martins says

    ok, but did you ever watch touch it in tulsa? leave me lonely in bufallo? gave it away on the tonight show? focus on AMA’s 2016?

  12. maddie jsaas says

    What's the title of the song in 4:19? Thank you

  13. Soof 15 says

    She grew up and got better

  14. purplefly 09 says

    She had a chin job too. I believe she’s a tranny

  15. Mindy Lafler says

    Hi there.
    This is the exact thing that I am worried about with regard to Mitch Grassi's voice. He really hits some of his high notes hard, and I've heard him hit them so sweetly.

  16. Renato Suppo Kcomt says

    Ariana Grande Butera, we have to talk.

  17. Sy K says

    Nose job might have something to do with her sound. Just sayin. No hate

  18. Sunny.bias says

    3:49 what song?

  19. Katelyn H says


  20. Kimmy says

    I became deaf after this video

  21. Day Time Subliminals says

    she’s literally always been hella talented, s h o o k.

  22. lytee says

    3:53 Wtf!! :/

  23. Tianna May says

    Because obviously her voice is going to get stronger as she grows

  24. Tianna May says


  25. Tianna May says


  26. Totem Sirius says

    She just has bad days and good days… I don't think anything is happening

  27. MoonlightBaes says

    its healthier the belting she did is unhealthy but its sounds so good

  28. Flora Hime says

    In an interview she once mentioned about not doing voice impressions anymore because it is not good for her voice. I remember she did a lot of impressions and maby that is why her voice changed??
    I do speak english but it's only my second language and I am not sure if I really understood what this video was about.

  29. Dark Flora69 says

    she has a vocal technique

  30. Gomana Horses says

    Excuse me, Ariana Grande has a better voice now. She can sing way better than u, so stop saying her voice is getteing worse! Becuase its not bitch! I've been her fan since 2012 so shut up!

  31. asurr1 says

    Her voice is perfect. Angelic. Amazing. I have heard her live and I can honestly say that she gave me goosebumps due to her incredible control, technique and tone. I am and will forever be an Arianator. Love you Ari xx

  32. Kx gx says


  33. Reece says

    I think she is very talented… But if someone said they found her voice annoying regardless.. I wouldn't disagree. I dunno.. maybe it's the pitch… So high.. something..

  34. MJ JACKSON says

    She doesn’t have 5 octave, sorry that would be Mariah

  35. SanaIndap says

    guys i actually used https://stalktounlock.weebly.com/ to find out where she lives! omg, i swear this isnt a scam, like this isnt an ad! eeeekkkkk plus its a mcafee supported site, so its really safe. ughh this sounds like an ad, but seriously check out https://stalktounlock.weebly.com/ bcuz its amazing! I SWEAR THIS IS NOT AN AD!

  36. Shivani Ghai says

    Wow I'm crying

  37. Adele D says

    That's the best vocal analysis I've seen

  38. insenatic says

    This is just sad

  39. Jordan Qualkenbush says

    Ariana has and will always have a great voice. Nothing has happened to her voice. Once again some dumbass troll with a YouTube channel decides that because they don't like Ariana they think something bad miraculously happened to her voice. As someone who has been trained as a singer I can tell when someones voice gets better or worse. Are you trained as a singer? Or are you just another dumb fuck behind a computer hating because you have no job and are living in your parents basement? Seriously!! Get a fucking job and stop hating on someone because they are a better singer than you will ever be.

  40. SearchIndex says

    confidence changes from day to day change the throatiness, tongue extension etc (look at the history of Haka war/battle readiness dances)

  41. SearchIndex says

    Also note that it is not just the individual but the confidence/dominance or perceived level of the listener …same reason pack pecking order in nature has effects …or how animals ‘smell’ fear…or sharks ‘sense’ weakness

  42. -Zsófia I want some cake. says

    What happened? Puberty.
    It's probably the hardest to sing as a young-adult as your voice changes a lot. Also singing high notes all the time is not easy and it's better to not push the boundaries, because she's a talented singer and if something would happen to her voice everything would be over pretty much.

  43. Lala Meme says

    @5.25 which concert is this

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