Selena Gomez Shares Sweet Pics From On-Screen Brother David Henrie’s Wedding


More from Entertainment Tonight: Selena’s TV brother is a married man!

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  1. Mrs_sinister 05 says

    They're so cute together

  2. Maryann Njeri says

    I love your cartoons continue the hard work and may God bless your hard work

  3. Kamal Porter says

    My childhood ❤

  4. XEN says

    This was less about him getting married, and more about having an excuse to focus on Selena.

  5. Luciana Morales says


  6. Selenator ForLife says

    Awesome they are the best ever I love them all together

  7. Pedro Cordero says

    this makes me so happy

  8. Agustina Ostriniuk says

  9. mo27mo says

    It's nice to know that they all still talk and are still pretty close. A lot of former Disney stars try to get rid of their Disney image but despite all that, it's nice to know that they've stayed a family no matter what paths they've chosen post Wizards.

  10. BB Marie Crespo says

    congratulations David Hope for the best and blessing to you and your bride

  11. Paolo Torres says

    THIS is a true Wizards of Waverly Place reunion.

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