Everything Wrong With Miley Cyrus – “Younger Now”


It doesn’t matter if you’re younger now, or older now, this video still has a sh*t ton of sins! Watch. Sin. Enjoy. Which music video do you wanna see sinned next? Tweet us: http://twitter.com/m…

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  1. BadWolf739 says

    At 2:09 she's lying on one of those gravity simulators from carnivals.

  2. Lily says

    2:08 That's a ride called area 51, you spin until gravity pushes you against the walls.

  3. Lyric Lane says


  4. SPINELLI .entertainment says

    This guy is just way to picky the things he pointed out are exageratted in his benefit for his channel of hate



  6. TonxKing says

    Does she feel younger because she surrounded herself with older people?

  7. Haterade says

    2:03 has your dumbass never been to a fair thats obviously the alien ship spinny thing ride

  8. dreadpiraterogers says

    I guess these "everything wrong with" videos are sometimes amusing but, damn, you are incredibly dumb sometimes. You just seem to jump towards a sin when you lack knowledge on something and then revert to insults.

  9. Luni Vlidios says

    Why does he always thought shade at ari in most of his videos

  10. glenzo215 says

    Grease, Howdy Doody, American Bandstand, Elvis…. just a few things that went over the narrator's head….oh, and the Gravitron!!

  11. Candice ecidnaC says

    2:08 narrator has never been on a Gravitron (a carnival ride with cushioned panels you stand against. The ride starts to spin, centrifugal force pasting you to the panels, which you can climb up, turn upside down, or fight the force as the ride continues to spin).

    I've always found Miley's voice to be annoyingly nasal, and this song is one of the best examples of how horrible and cringey her voice is. Another is "The Climb", but at least that one has good lyrics; I just can't stand that she sings it.

    God, I barely got through this video, and it has probably less than 1 minute of Miley's singing.

  12. jelly donut says

    I never thought I'd miss the musical quality of We Can't Stop and Wrecking Ball but here we are

  13. Charlie K says

    The thing at 2:01 is the carnival ride shown in the background at 1:11

  14. Agent J says

    Oh stop, it’s a good song and a good

  15. CMC 123 says

    It's a Gravitron, a carnival ride

  16. Jesus Zamora says

    God damn, Miley was a lot of things during her twerking era, but at least she wasn't fucking BORING.

  17. Labeless Casting says

    sounds like you have a personal issue with miley

  18. Catherine S says

    I loved how "the Sins guy" didn't recognize the inside of the Gravitron when the outside of the ride was clearly shown a few scenes earlier…lol.

  19. Bleck / minions says

    please scream

  20. Bleck / minions says

    Extra sin: "Feels like I just woke up…" BECAUSE YOU DID! ding
    Also, 666th comment.

  21. Space Unicorn Space unicorn says

    If you look hard through the drugs and the makeup you can still see Hanna Montana

  22. importedguy 1 says

    2:05 that's a ride that gets spinning so fast it sticks u to the wall ps it is super fun

  23. Keith Kogane says

    hey random person commenting on a random persons comment commenting on another random person comment commenting on a persons comment about how they r commenting on another random persons comment commenting on this video

    takes a deep breath

    commenting on another video commenting on another random persons comment-

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