Taylor Swift FEUDING With Adele?! (Rumor Patrol)


More Celebrity News ▻▻ http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews Are Taylor Swift and Adele feuding…?! Step aside, Katy, it sounds like T.Swift might just have some bad blood with another music superstar…

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  1. rudolph mcfarland says

    Not false. Take a good look at her selfishness,that lil cute slut(allegedly)

  2. Frank Li says

    the black gay guy needs to turn it down a little bit with the drama in his head.

  3. Pixel Dolan's says

    Fake drama.

  4. Anastasia Blue says

    Fake af.

  5. Neha Sinha says

    You guys are so freaking desperate, after Taylor beat adele's YouTube record, adele's fans congratulated all the swifties, the two fandoms adore each other so much

  6. Kristina says

    at least an adele concert has adele songs with adele's voice, whereas taylor invites several people to sing different songs on her own concert

  7. Kristy Natsis says

    Taylor will never be on Adele’s level. Adele is the best

  8. Gabs • says

    So in one video their kissing Taylors ass and in this one their kissing Adele’s ass? This is coming from a Taylor fan and where is the proof at all they are even feuding lmao? Stop bashing women against each other

  9. strudelnessboy says

    Clever News is so pathetic. You guys are the MEDIA she hates and talks about in her songs. Just stop. THE NATIONAL INQUIRER is a fake news source.

  10. Syafiq Izazy says

    Jangan fitnah ..jangan percaya khabar angin

  11. Farah Khan says

    One word BULLSHIT

  12. DARLENE ACOSTA K. says

    Lol Taylor Swift bet Adele's record on YouTube btw Taylor can do what she wants she got female artist for country and pop music and stop with this fake news .

  13. Shaun Cooper says

    I doubt Taylor will be bothered as she’s the only singer to have 4 albums sell 1million+ copies in its first week on sale in the US!! ✌️

  14. Syed Muzaffar Uddin says

    Next will be" is taylor feuding with her cat who is more cute" thirsty channels.

  15. Tess Seymour says

    I dont understand why all of these comments are going after clevver. Literally the show is called "RUMOR PATROL". A different web source originally posted the rumor, so like in every other video theyve made, they sat down and discussed the rumor. Were they saying anything bad about Taylor? No. Were they saying anything bad about Adele? No. Did they once give the impression that the rumor might be true? No. From the beginning she was doubting the rumor and said it didnt make sense. Clevver isnt going after Taylor. They saw a fucking dumb rumor on the internet and decided to do a segment of it on their show about rumors. Yall are too fucking sensitive. Stop having your panties in a wad and get your priorities straight. Its all just for fucking entertainment. If this obvious made up rumor really bothers you THAT much, go after the original creator. Not people sitting down and discussing/reacting to it.

  16. Ivan says


  17. Sgt.101 says

    she could never top my Queens records

  18. Gerard Aldwin Patoc says

    pastilan basta naa lng

  19. TheClassyCanadian says

    You guys are a joke. Get another friggin job!

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