Ariana Grande Resumes Concert Tour in Paris After Terror Attacks in the U.K.


Ariana Grande has resumed her ‘Dangerous Woman World Tour’ in Paris Wednesday night after the terror attack at her Manchester Arena concert last month where 22 people were killed. The 23-year-old…

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  1. Scooter Fag says


  2. Krümelmonster says

    OMG after 17 seconds. Last time I was this early, Inside Edition was real news.

  3. Erica Aceves says

    wow who likes her like if u like her

  4. Frenite says


  5. Rob B says

    wake up people, dont feed them

  6. Jairo Herrera says

    Why doesn't she throw a free concert at Paris for awareness or donate it to the family victims instead of making more money off from them again? She just risking for history to repeat itself.

  7. Eric Ling says

    Why would Saudi's care? They're among the originators and funders of global terrorism.

  8. Adam Bartlett says

    total Hoax.

  9. Ciana Lagier says

    Geez show some respect for our late fellow human beings!

  10. Pure Saphia says

    They probably didn't understand a word. Lol

  11. Jungles Bongles says

    it would be so funny if a there was an explosion in every venue she plays at.

    bomb me once is terrorism but bomb me twice is?

  12. Yoona Jeon says

    Why they want to kill people in Europe and Ariana Grande

  13. impractical fan says

    yep. like they don't give a single blank

  14. 100YrsOldFetus says

    arabians always has this mentally, dont bother me I dont bother u

  15. qhaireen1 says

    They probably did not understand what is going on… The language barrier..

  16. Shania Thaler says

    Cause they r proud it happy damn terriorist

  17. Ream ChanSovath says

    Ariana is the best

  18. Eevee Gaming says

    the Saudi players were really rude

  19. thebruhs 52 says

    that concert was the bomb

  20. Rio Brogan says

    It is not it is not in Paris it is in Manchester not even 15 minutes away from me cause I only live in Stockport

  21. Shady Grady says

    Human problems.

  22. Gymnastics Lover101 says

    I cracked up when she said they don't give a blank

  23. Sebastian Perez says

    Ariana Grande: Help creepers blew up my house. I need obsidian. I'll pay full price.

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