Selena Gomez’s Sexy New Single ‘Fetish’ Is Almost Here! Get a First Listen


More from Entertainment Tonight: The 24-year-old singer teased her new song on Instagram on Tuesday.

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  1. haha haha says

    cooooool <3

  2. A'miyah Collier says

    I can't wait

  3. sâlâH LahbaëL says

    i don't like it

  4. sâlâH LahbaëL says

    it's awsome

  5. sâlâH LahbaëL says

    no no no

  6. icE wizarD says

    Cant wait

  7. Promise Hale says

    can it be July 13th already

  8. That Is My Prerogative says

    Isn't she 25 now?

  9. shadesoN. MSP says

    Is the song about having a fetish with herself???

  10. Selenator Strike says

    Cant wait its going to be amazing selena is the best ever

  11. klinsmann spiteri says

    selena is the queen of music .like if you agree

  12. Robert Okeefe says

    Lovely song download the mpe version here

    Listen to it and you will fall in love with her more

  13. Alex says

    Why do Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato always release music at the same time. ? I don't know if it's like a fight between them or a friendly game…. maybe just coincidence?

  14. katia says

    It's so good ! Obsessed

  15. Coffee Cream says

    selena Gomez is far from sexy she has no curves. if you think shes curvy I can just imagine what you think a skinny girl is

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