Kim Kardashian wants another child because of Beyonce??


Kim Kardashian West revealed to that she wanted another child. On her show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim expressed her difficulty with conceiving. She went through a few treatment…

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  1. Janiia Norman says

    Beyonce is overrated
    she ain't the only person who has 3 kids. so what if kim wants another baby.

  2. HaZey G says

    she been saying she wants another kid.

  3. Karmma Raighn says

    OMG so if everyone decides to have another child or w.e it's because of Beyonce plzzzz shorty not God for anyone to be following after her


    why Kim can't have a surrogate,I believe Beyonce did with blue ivy but tried to trick everybody

  5. Matabele 86 says

    I don't think this true . I think Beyoncé was jealous of Kim . She forgive her cheating husband in exchange for more kids. Beyoncé was also jealous of Alesia keys who was in the process of having her second child. Is not easy to see your peers having children meanwhile your husband is cheating on you. I don't think Kim cares for Beyoncé she from a big family her mom had five kids so it's expected that she would want a lot of kids.

  6. Maria Ford says

    Every time Beyonce is in the spot light, Kim always does something. Kim is a attention whore.

  7. gmcmim1 says

    I really dont think Kim is competing with Beyonce for children. However she may be lying about not being able to carry children. We all know about Khloe lying about not being able to get pregnant. So the Kardashians are really questionable to me. They tell too many lies. I dont trust them.

  8. L Lew says

    they were NEVER!! friends….

  9. Anne says

    She's just using bey idea..smh..they never been friends

  10. queen a gameing Channel says

    kim get over it bey does not care anymore

  11. Helen Lowe says

    Kim and the lot are so Superficial…When you can be purchased at a price to define who you are how Fake is that!! And yes she may not want to be Bea…But she certainly Envy her and on the low yep wants to be Bea! And Chris has truly Exploited her children for fame and Money…And unfortunately that's what Kim does! Beyonce has been raised totally the opposite and don't see the need for exploiting her children !! Her TALENT speaks for itself!!

  12. Deja Green says

    But it's such a coincidence because Kim just had her 2nd child last year and now Beyonce having twins now all of a sudden she jumping up wanting to have another baby so she'll have 3

  13. Malik Rashod says

    I’m a big fan of both Bey and Kim. Now Kim has always stated she wanted a big family; however, I’m still convinced that she’s copying Bey.

  14. []Xanalimarie[] says

    beyonce dont even like kim

  15. yasmine lewis says

    why are we reping for a white women who's whole career is based on copying black women just recently both her sister got caught ripping off BLACK female designers there all fake full lip and ass injection this heffa thought her and Beyonce were going to be friends and Beyonce was like I don't think so and Kim didn't take it well

  16. No Average Bitch says

    I was actually hoping Kim would get pregnant herself. So she could die and the world would be a better place.

  17. Zia Aehso says

    no.. she wants a big family like her own she grew up in. her whole family crave a big family unit. "Beys" fans just alwasy create this fake envy around beyonce. theyre always creating nonsense. both women seem to have no interest in each other, let it go lol. this drama is dead.

  18. Beautiful Rosemary says

    I think Kim just wants as many kids with Kanye as possible before she leaves his crazy ass. And that's smart.

  19. Nut Bush says

    I think its bullshit get off her DICK AND BALLS DAMN!!!!!!

  20. B Free says

    She can't stand that Beyonce is getting all of this attention smh. She always announces shit right when something happens to Beyonce. Just like when lemonade came out, her and Kanye released that Kanye fired his security for being too flirty with Kim. She's always trying to compete with Beyonce and when Beyonce performed at the award show (forgot which one) and she was there, you should have seen the look she gave when everyone was going crazy over Beyonce. She couldn't stand that Beyonce is more famous than her and gets more attention.

  21. jan 24639 says

    kim God bless you with two kids. be grateful girlfriend. some women have none.

  22. DawnDanner says

    This is such bullshit Kim has always said she wanted a lot of kids!!! People always want to make something out of nothing!! And Beyoncé is a damn stuck up snob!!

  23. Electra Trinidad says

    Kim has been talking about another child a very long time now

  24. Jan Anthony says

    No kim said that she wanted a. third child along time ago…

  25. betty clayton says

    fuck Kim kk stank as white beat it no cares b.

  26. Melanation Persuasion says

    Kim whordashian is slowly trying to morph (surgically) into Beyonce but, the talent she will never have. Yes because Beyonce paid some to carry her three children, copying ass Kim had to do the same with the first two, & is in the process of doing it again!… No orginality whatsoever from any of them for that matter!

  27. love _stars89 says

    that's a lie she's been wanting a 3rd child since way before Beyonce got pregnant lie lie lie ya need to stop putting words in these peoples mouths just saying this is crazy

  28. Ntombezinhle Tlhapane says

    yall need to stop. Kim has been singing the baby song after Saint was born and we've been hearing about it way longer than the news about Beyonce's pregnancy. Beyonce is not alpha and omega in the celebrity world. it doesn't all start and end with her.

  29. Lady In Red says

    this bitch weird

  30. Lady In Red says

    I don't think she trying to be like Beyonce tho. that's just Kim being kim

  31. It's All Okay With CJ!! says

    I'm not a min fan but Kim has been wanting a big family for a long time.

  32. lati538 says

    why does the media want to make it seem as if she is competing with Beyonce. Nope shes not she has wanted a big family. that has nothing to do with B. Kim is doing her own thing. B and Jz just use people anyways. pfft

  33. lati538 says

    people dont go around having kids cause they are attention whores thats rediculous. If thats the case then Beyonce would be called one also. B and Jz must be the attention whores spilling the tea with they albums probsbly made all that shit up.

  34. Kyla Love says

    I'm so tired of Kim Kardashian's ass so obsessed with Beyonce babies as she want to have twins now***can go sit your ass down somewhere everybody don't like your ass***damn Kim is becoming sickening LOL

  35. Dede Blass says

    kim has wealth
    b has riches
    kim will always be paid lonG after b is her..she is wayyy more paid dan is pretty sexy a star too..sad how jigga and b did kanye..even tho jigga gave kanye 20 mill..2 sides to eerry story…keep it moving kim..DEDE BLASS the black Madonna

  36. Joyce Lynch says

    Girlllll ithink they know Beyonce used a serogant and they can't out her so Kim is doing her out lout to the public to spark attention and low-key shade ….. I see how Kim and Kanye work !! They saying something without saying something they know Beyonce can't carry kids either they just low-key telling on the Carter's secret indirectly….

  37. Karla J. says

    Kim is honest about her babies.

  38. SHKdiarys says

    I think its true, she maybe wants to be her

  39. Addie Mathews says

    Beyonce need to kiss k ass

  40. phyllis johnson says

    She wants to be Beyonce or any other black woman. She's got black babies, husband ,surgically enhanced black butt.

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