Kim Kardashian Mocks Scott Disick for Taking Bella Thorne to Cannes on ‘KUWTK’ — Watch!


More from Entertainment Tonight: On Sunday’s ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians,’ viewers got a glimpse into what the family thought about all those Scott Disick and Bella…

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  1. Shannon Suo says


  2. Nawar Hadi says

    Well you guys are the weirdest "friends" like he literally grabbed you breast are you nuts

  3. hydraelectricblue says

    Who's Bella Thorne?

  4. Victoria Loubriel says

    Yet meanwhile Kylie was dating tugs with a child lmao

  5. RealTakerslady says

    Does it matter? They're not together anymore

  6. Nicholas Bennett says

    Bella really thinks she’s cooler than she actually is

  7. _o.0_Kami says

    Ok the fact that Kim said Bella is desperate makes me .just… BOW THE FRICK DOWN

  8. John Dela Cruz says

    Why would you even believe a person that looks like not in her right mind. This girl is 24/7 high

  9. Cristina Chindle says

    But who was Scott Disick before Kourtney lol

  10. AMburger Clash of clans says

    Bella Thorne is an ugly ass fucking player

  11. Tanéya Cohen says

    Bella is so pretty

  12. malissa prieto says

    Really kim? You made a porn tape and guys are embarrassed if they slept with you.

  13. Karen van Wyk says

    Omg and the Kardashian susters have such a squeaky clean reputation….. oh common glad really!

  14. Ortidia G says

    Or she wants attention

  15. Shannon says

    lol @bella okay thank you, glad to know people can be friends, everyday until this moment i never knew that… oh goodness.

  16. Jessy Proctor says

    I feel like no one ever addresses Kourtney’s role in Scott and Kourtney’s problem like it’s just always broadcasted that Scott’s the peice of shit meanwhile Kourtney kept having unprotected sex and getting pregnant by him

  17. Julie Griffiths says

    Kardashian show shit without Scott, cos let's face it there not know for there sense of humour, now are they !

  18. dougarnold says


  19. DYLAN SHAPIRO says

    so your saying that kourtney can date whoever she wants whenever she wants but when scott is with one person everyone thinks it’s horrible and he gets controversy???

  20. Marianna Savva says


  21. Yerson Duarte says

    Bella is perfec

  22. p says

    Kim’s soooo gorgeous

  23. Alic Itzner says

    I don't think Bella looks like she does drugs or get y ppl do but she prolly does

  24. Alic Itzner says

    I like the shit Bella's in but out of them is CRINGe I like her

  25. Kay X says

    Bella should get out of that hobo- chic phase. She is so cute.

  26. Noah Guzman says

    Fuck the kardashians

  27. SIA CREESE says

    She isn't a good look for him omg how dear them make such statements .smh

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