Miley Cyrus’ Sister Is (Almost) Cooler Than She Is


Miley Cyrus talks about family advice, her mom’s mean tambourine and supporting her sister Noah’s journey to becoming her own star. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:…

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  1. L Nicole says

    I love Miley Cyrus, but she is so politically naive if she thinks Hillary Clinton is about love and togetherness. That woman has a dark heart and a hateful soul.

  2. Gott mit uns says

    What a burned out skank.

  3. Allie Nikki says

    Love Miley! she just seems so down to earth and real, and stays true to herself no matter what!! <3

  4. Doris Barkler says

    Awww. She copied someone's super happy gasp. God I do love this song.

  5. Cynix Welp says


  6. Rnz TV says

    Miley trying to transmit the secret reptilian message throughout that “the climb” definition.

  7. MEGSTER メグスター says

    Wow Miley is great!

  8. Karen D says

    Everyone always raves about how great it'd be to hang out/meet T-Swift or Selena Gomez.
    But tbh I'd much rather kick it with Miley. No shade on the other girls, but Miley just seems so real – like if I hang out with her I''d eventually forget I'm hanging out with a celebrity. I wouldn't have to constantly be on my A game

    Plus if I asked any one of them to join a smoke sesh, I'm pretty sure Miley would be the only one game

  9. sami sami says

    she looks normal here

  10. 7mandoblu says

    If Madonna ever gives her consent to have her life story made into a film, Miley Cyrus is perfect to play her.

  11. Caio Vinicius Canal says


  12. Makaveli Thadon says

    I can't stand the ugly talentless thing.

  13. Breezy Kersey says

    I saw Noah on tour with Katy!!! It was such an amazing experience.

  14. Right Coast says

    Damn, she got hotter all of sudden… Oh wait, she has hair again now. That's it.

  15. BurnWithThePigs says

    You can tell that isn't Miley Cyrus because she isn't dressed like a stripper.

  16. BurnWithThePigs says

    Oh wait

  17. Austin Paz says

    Authentic !

  18. SamBriDha says

    And then she came in like a wrecking ball

  19. Yes I love her with longer hair

  20. Bob McGarry says

    What a liberal dipshit! She is a rich untalented daddy's girl with no education. But she is popular because many people "grew up"with her. MAGA!

  21. Lam Seen says

    Her arms look so dirty?

  22. Diva 4455 says


  23. Anonymous Nexus says

    I like the interview till she starts talking about the baby killer Hillary… uhh. I hope Miley didn't know what a monster she was when she endorced her.

  24. Tommy Collins says

    record attach lobby principal range interior mood secret wealthy store.

  25. Shimona Jain says

    Maaaaan I love her!

  26. Mary Benson says

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  27. Mary Benson says

    im in the storm so far

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