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  1. Alexandra says

    I never comment but the editing of the make up was soooo cool, creative and so well done love it

  2. Blank Blank says

    Defo go back to brunette

  3. Charlotte says

    Good Video!

  4. AriElephant says

    hey kylie stop being alisha!

  5. AlicornCat says

    the makeup closing thing was oddly satisfying…

  6. J.W's Planable says


  7. Elina Nik says

    You look so much better with brown hair ❤️

  8. Danica Noualy says

    I LOVE all the sounds you have going on when you do your makeup!!!!! I love it!

  9. Jhosein C. says

    Sub to dub please

  10. Danielle and Layla hangloosebro says

    I love the makeup part it is so satisfying

  11. Amy Duplantis says

    i love the makeup part

  12. Regina Salvador says

    Hi alisha marunong kaba mag tagalog

  13. Elizabeth Bentley says

    who else thinks it looked like her old house at 0:25

  14. Fab's Creations says

    I miss christmas because we had Alisha's vlogs every day!

  15. Maddie Raelyn says

    I love your vlogs!!

  16. Basheer Alzuraiji says

    You would look sooooooooo pretty with black hair

  17. Mia's Life says

    When I looked at the thumbnail I thought you dyed your hair, anyone else?

  18. Kayla Gonzalez says

    Why was 1:171:29 So satisfying

  19. Jennifer Lopez says

    I love how you always forget to end your vlogs it’s fine . It’s your thing and we’re already used to it

  20. Ms. M's World says

    The dark hair looks nice on you.

  21. Valerie Shaffer says

    I love when you do your makeup like this ❤❤❤ the clicking is so satisfying

  22. daniela lopez says

    You do not look like kylie

  23. Natalie Benavidez says

    So Alisha basically is saying that we're always running late for school and we need her stuff we don't so that's why I didn't even watch a video (fully)

  24. Viki_ Hristova says

    Like you hier

  25. Jenna Bond says

    Alisha: “Oops haven’t unpacked from Mexico yet” Me: “Same”

  26. SassyGirls says

    Ashley looks so different in that wig…

  27. Exotic Bubblez says


  28. Sana Gelan says

    Love your videos

  29. Tami A says


  30. Michelle Brittmon says

    Alisha can you make. Vlogs longer? Love ya

  31. Shia Louis says

    my birthday is in February 5,th

  32. Brian Coleman says

    PLEASE DO ANOTHER WEIRD FOOD COMNINATIONS VIDEO PLEASE IF YOU DO TRY nutella on toasted eggos toast the eggo then putt alittle bit butter on it THEN add the nutela then eat it WITH OUT SYRUP

  33. Techpcpro2 Techpcpro2 says

    I liked that thing that you did when you were putting on your makeup

  34. Suri Buenas says

    I love when you do your makeup like that

  35. Giulia Nardon says

    you look much cuter with brown hair.

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