I tried following a Kim Kardashian makeup tutorial…help


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  1. Matias Javier says

    Botox makes your forehead look shiny

  2. xo Amira says

    why is kims forehead looking sooo shiny??

  3. Amber Nixon says

    You are so gorgeous. Remind me of Lalah Hathaway

  4. Kiana Sierra says

    I don’t think Kim actually uses the kkw stick for her full makeup like she claims as in her lip liner, shaddow etc it’s just her trying to promote her product

  5. KrysDior says

    So down to earth !

  6. Jamila Baker says

    I never watch the Kardashians, but I did just for you. ❤

  7. Tanya Frazier says

    I love you, you're like a MUA comedian… Keep doing what you're doing you're AWESOME !!

  8. The Matadore says

    This looks very good!

  9. Blanca Jameel says

    So tired of these videos because no one ever follows exactly they always don't have a brush or don't have this or don't have that so done with all these videos

  10. Meryl Iska says

    You look like Ciara

  11. Tope Ajibade says

    I am laughing so hard that I'm struggling to breathe

  12. Anna B says

    How you gonna compare Fenty with KKW

  13. Lynda Jay says

    Hilarious girl!

  14. Grace Seaton says

    Girl! Her product is way less pigmented!! Since you using fenty you should be using way less product

  15. Aduke Okin says

    Natural and beautiful

  16. Julia Homola says

    The kkw contour sticks are not very pigmented so you gotta use a lot. That’s why she went crazy with it

  17. Nixie The Pixie says

    I have pigmentation on my cheeks. Got a natural blush~

    It's really a nice natural looking look.

  18. Antoinette Stone says

    This video took me out!

  19. Lani Gaston says

    2:37 I laughed soooo hard!!!

  20. Venus Envy 2.0 says

    Do Jeffree Star

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