Miley Cyrus Says She Felt “Sexualized” When She Was Younger In Harper’s Bazaar Interview


More Celebrity News ▻▻ Miley Cyrus recalls feeling sexualized as a young performer in a revealing new interview Miley Cyrus is reinventing herself once again…

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  1. Erica Hale says

    Miley is a Queen

  2. girls fun says

    she said she wanted to have an impact and leave legacy with sexuality like christina did and britnet in vma did not she got liam back and afraid to lose and knows how white america became so she is dissing her past and pretends she never wanted to be black and never tried too hard to twerk and force it on us despite we all said she looks ridiculous now she acts innocent and forced is her excuse ? lmao such a hypocrite

  3. Jenna Williams says

    Lol at all of the people super offended by the female body and a female's choice to do whatever the hell she wants with it.

  4. vee gomi says

    No one sexualized her she sexualized herself and promoted it. she used black people their looks music until it was convenient for her and never owned up to it. shes now blming it on the industry and others? lol come on. i would respect her is she would own up for her old shit but she never has she just uses excuses for everything and changes for whats trending. at least this trend is a healthier one..

  5. Irene Rodriguez says

    I think she's just trying to figure herself out… just like the rest of us

  6. Linus Holm says

    "I don't want to be cool I just want to be myself!"
    yeah… But Miley… Let's face it. You are cool when you are yourself <3

  7. rockyo59 says

    It is so sad to see comments from people that idolize this screwed up pathetic person.
    She has a screwed up life and she is screwing up so many others.
    She is no role model. No one forced her to prance around the stage half naked. She is making a fool out of you and laughing all the way to the bank

  8. Unicorn Berg says

    will I be sexulize being a model im asking on here BC im worried

  9. scenepunk09 says

    Way to blame everyone else again for your regrets. I'm not buying it again this time Miley you are an adult now so act like it. Don't just look the part once again.

  10. Sandi Kennedy says

    Miley has had only a few boyfriends and didn't write and tell all in songs. However, Taylor Swift has been and slept with a ton of guys and writes tell all songs about them and yet, Miley gets the wrap of being a wild girl. Come on!! Miley's a good girl and her actions speak for her.

  11. Alyce C. Oliver says

    There's hypocrisy in this. She wanted Hannah Montana. Unless she outright lied to the world in Miles To Go, she asked for that lifestyle. So why does she feel the need now to exploit the business for making way for her to conquer what she desperately wanted?

  12. Penny Lane says

    Love Miley but honey you posed butt naked sucking off a strap on dildo. What do you expect?

  13. T Ruth says

    I felt sexualized too when her hoe ass was running around naked objectifying women. Also, the fucking bitch had risque photos leaked while she was on Hannah Montana. She's​ been a slut for a while, and it was all her choice.

  14. be more chill says

    I hate when celebrities like miley complain that they're being sexualized when it's not like ppl are making them do sexual things they're choosing to do it so expect to be sexualized if you do things where ppl can sexualize you

  15. Spotlessmind says

    I love her so much we are so similar I hope I get to see her on tour♡♡♡♡♡♡

  16. Spotlessmind says

    " I don't give a fuck about being cool I just want to be myself"

  17. Dily Hunny says

    So the USA is really that stupid im. sorry but.. giving guns to little Kids and shooting people is accepted but stickig your tits Out and cursing isnt? Lol k

  18. Divine Fleming says

    But Bangerz Was her idea, before that era even happened she was the Miley she is "Now". So how was she "Sexualized", you just went back to your old self….They weren't promoting her like that until She Made Bangerz, she didn't HAVE to do bangerz

  19. Mar Zea says

    Moral of the story: If you go hard and rebrand yourself as a psychedelic stripper, ppl will assume that's what yr about Ms. Molly…ahem I mean Miley….. lol

  20. Kaula Damn says

    She choose to be like that!It's her own fault

  21. Emma Pequignot says

    leave her alone she is the best thing in the USA

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