Beyoncé Pregnancy Conspiracy Theories | MTV


Is Beyoncé sending us secret messages about her pregnancy? Here are the top conspiracy theories from the Bey Hive. #Beyonce #MTV Subscribe to MTV: More from MTV: Official…

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  1. Alex flores says

    im shook

  2. Parth Pawar says

    why am I laughing while watching

  3. Igor Perluchoo says

    She's more beautiful now. I Hope to see a boy and a Girl in the next months. Congratulations Beyonce !

  4. MTV Masonic Television

  5. FA CUTTER says

    Boy and girl

  6. olan official says

    the last is illuminati related.

  7. That's So Relle says


  8. Jani Turner says

    Why can't people just wait. Gosh.

  9. Levis Ryan says

    So MTV is ripping off Buzzfeed now huh

  10. Xanim _ says

    Music is soo scary

  11. Tia Michael says

    Was this video even necessary

  12. M'kailah Pettis says

    aww hell to the fuckin na

  13. Trippy Lift says

    god damn they have a theory for every single gender combination and after they are born they are going to I told ya'll.

  14. HelloMyNamelsBanana says

    This is hilarious just because its the dumbest shit that ive seen in a while.

  15. Six 悲しい少年 says

    I'm too lit for this

  16. Nathan 300 says

    aaand what was the point of this video ?

  17. Gaming Doll says

    Get off this witch's dick

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