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  1. Missy Sample says

    What is TGIT?

  2. tubesockets120v says

    Taylor is a tease…this clip is a tease.

  3. Bea says

    I'm ready for it

  4. GroverKent says

    For the love of God! She's released three new songs in the past two months! It's like we got a nice (but brief) break from her and her shitty music, and now she's suddenly back with avengence! Does she feel she needs to make up for lost time or something? Besides, surely her new songs are about Tom Hiddleston, whose career she destroyed.

  5. Jennie M. Sprouse says

    where CAn I FIND THIS

  6. Laurel Stucky says

    Ugh I missed it. How can I watch it

  7. heyer Hanson says

    A talented young woman thats easy on the eyes as well. A complete artist, with great stage presence

  8. Josh Jaguar says

    Get off trending

  9. Michael Milburn says

    So AWESOME!!! I'd L-O-V-E…. to fix her up with my son!!!

  10. Rocky Unofficial says


  11. sarah c says

    I might turn gay just for her..

  12. CHL41993 says

    WTF is TGIT?

  13. Looking forward to the song release!

  14. Sourabh Kadawat says
  15. Angel Vega says

    who fucking cares honestly her music is trash and her fan base is complete cancer.

  16. The American Soccer Guy says

    Does she fuck a boyfriend's friend in it? I know it's her thing these days.

  17. 高健元 says


  18. Roland Menchaca says

    talented media whore;)

  19. Trending Music says
  20. Josh B. says

    Keep it

  21. juli victoria says

    trending? why? this video sucks.not the artist,but this video

  22. thi doo says

    why wouldnt the premiere even show her singing a song? they want us to make us wait so..

  23. 曾婉萍 says

    love you

  24. god563616 says

    Taylor looks tired

  25. I don't have a name slutty says

    She plays the victim all the time.She is a real snake.
    ❤KIM K❤

  26. Freakzzz157 says

    Boooo, you're so lame Taylor. Just stop already.

  27. Nora Goodspeed says

    this feels like click bait, boo

  28. Cheesy Maccool says

    So she sleeps around so she could write songs?
    Damn! That's a sad life,but I guess being a rich white girl excuses her for being a slut!

  29. ATiliOS cheapsounds says


  30. themittymak says

    TGIT ? thank god its thursday ?

  31. Buisby Gaming says

    Who gives to fucks

  32. Faith Drew says

    Listening to the album while responding to comments on my channel loving it!!! doing a huge giveaway you should check it out 🙂

  33. Victor Ledezma says

    Who cares?

  34. Victoria Smith says

    Not again

  35. Jennie Fish says

    New Year’s Day I’m crying

  36. Bat Dude says

    Looks like her talent couldn't get finer with time.

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