In Touch: Beyonce’ May Be in Labor as Bey-Hive Erupts


In Touch Magazine reports that Beyonce may be in labor For Carol Denise Mitchell Books on Amazon Go to link below to Buy the Michael…

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  1. padma salam says

    If I am honest, I could care less about Beyonce and her bundle of joy, because for some odd reason, I just can't connect with her. Never have, never will. Folks need to stop worshipping her, and start giving praises to GOD our creator!!!!!!

  2. Jay Kaye says

    earlier in May, her mom posted pics of twins, then took them down. later Beyonce had a baby shower…i was like…come on. your mom just fucked up. but, I guess those other people's twins she posted. at this, all that matters is them being healthy and their mother is getting plenty of rest.

  3. Foxydiva Classy sassy says

    men can't have babies she a tranny

  4. Nicole Collins says

    That lady do not look like Beyonce the jaw line is too wide.

  5. Tushae88 says

    I just knew she wait to floss as soon as Clooney twins arrived so the light would shine on her and her only. May the babies are born healthy and blessing to the surrogate she deserves the credit.

  6. Bigggest A sshole Ever FTS says

    I wish them well and to all the mothers that are giving birth today and tomorrow…..

  7. Lois Brown says

    The rumor mill thinks it's a boy and a girl…I'm not a fan of her but having twins is kinda special! I hope all goes well for them

  8. markeetawins says

    Congrats whenever they arrive!

  9. Michelle A says

    I have never understood the idolization of celebrities. These people care nothing about you and people worship them. Go figure…

  10. Josephine Williams says

    My friend says that belly looks like the ones actresses use when they play a pregnant woman. idk

  11. slimchelle says


  12. Gail Jackson-Chapman says

    Hope the babies are healthy for family. But, has far has Jayz and Beyoncé, the are not my favorite ppl and never will. Jayz is a crook not a man I would want to married.. Now for Bey who they call the QUEEN, NOT!! Bey is a entertainer, not a singer. All she wears is nothing and shake that ass around stage. I bet if Aaliyah was still alive, Bey would have some competition on her hands.

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