Kendall Jenner FIRES BACK at Bartender Over Non-Tipping Claims


Kendall Jenner is fuming after a picture of her receipt that had a ZERO dollar tip went viral and now she’s coming in hot with a clapback to the haters and the waiter! Do you think Kendall…

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  1. Orlaaa says

    people don't even tip in Ireland w

  2. Sabine Sandfort says

    It is her fucking choice to give tip or not. People are dying in this world and this is what we are screaming about?? Kendall Jenner for not addressing tips after her coffee or what ever? God this is messed up.. okay yeah she may be rolling on gold with her fancy ass car and family but she is still a humain after all. chill people..

  3. Amirah Abbas says

    Not tipping someone is not illegal. I Personally don't think it's fair that kendall jenner is expected to tip someone because she famous. Maybe the guy providing bad service. I had think this should classified as news…

  4. Coco Leon says

    Employers need to pay their staff and stop harassing patrons to tip.

  5. Diana's Lifee says

    she dosen't have too tip someone

  6. Nasibu Nyahunzvi says

    people just wanna put drama on the family for no reason honestly… she's not obligated to give a tip btw.

  7. krum will says

    Prob just made up shit

  8. But It's Better If You Do says

    Just because someone has money doesn't mean that they are generous.?

  9. gg b says

    OMG these people really annoy me LEAVE HER ALONE

  10. Xxxsorrow says

    I don't understand this system. It obviously doesn't work well because people are supposed to depend on someone else's good will to tip them just so they can earn money. It's both awkward for the customer if they don't have enough money to tip (not saying in Jenner's case, but in general) or just don't want to and the server. It's an insane concept to me. How the fuck are these people supposed to make money then? Their pay should be raised and the employer is the one who should pay them for their work, not some random person that has nothing to do with it. I know I'm saying this from an European point of view and I'm not hating on anybody. I just think it would be beneficial to everyone if they improved this system.

  11. dhruvp119 says

    Who the fuck writes cash on the receipt when they tip with cash

  12. Laura Gallaher says

    Instead of someone being expected to tip (though someone as affluent as her shouldn't mind) how about America get off their lazy asses and give people a minimum wage they can live off.

  13. Kimberly Gonzalez says

    Who cares if she tips or not !!! Annoying

  14. Coco ol says

    it's bullshit because in the states bartenders and wait staff only work for tips, and knowing how rich Kendall is, I would be pretty pissed too. It's just stingy and it's not the first time she has done it from what I've seen in the news.

  15. Give a name up says

    This bitch is not worth 100 million dollar.

  16. Cycle London says

    So what….?

  17. Pashel lent says

    is it a must to tip in America, am just curious

  18. Daniel Alejandro Martinez says

    Omg just because you are rich af doesn't mean that you have to give a tip and in United States the tip is already included in the bill..

  19. Debi B says

    This is so so stupid!! WTF!! Geez wth is this even worth posting?? I'm so done with stupidity! Fucken whose business is this anyway!! DAMN PEOPLE GET A LIFE!

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