Kim Kardashian’s Lawyers Confirm Possible Work on Cyntoia Brown Case


Kim Kardashian is following up on a pre-Thanksgiving tweet to get her lawyers involved in providing aid to imprisoned former sex-trafficking victim Cyntoia Brown. Subscribe to Complex News…

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  1. Imanol Martinez-Avelino says

    Why 69 tho

  2. Güd says

    Her story is so old, all of this happened back in 04, why are all of the famous people jumping on the case and helping her now? With that being said, hell yeah she should be free, she should of been free.

  3. Female Doggy says

    Trump should free her too. He get so much “clout” off that

  4. Jason Pagaduan says

    Anyone watch and read about her in a documentary earlier this year? Sad to hear her story.

  5. Uglygodbitxh says

    king james did the same shit what u mean

  6. Terry Smith says

    So Kim, where the fuck were you at when Tookie was on trial, when Travon Martin's killer got off, and when the Ferguson shootings took place?


    I remember this a long time ago, i wonder why her story is now getting light or news? She's been locked up since she was a kid and even before then Cynthia never really lived, so you already know if a celebrity or someone with upper power releases her, it won't be the last we hear from her and poor Cynthia they'll be able to recreate, shape, form, and teach Cynthia into believing whatever they want her to smh I hope she learns true freedom in the end

  8. see sar says

    Well kim got some points there

  9. Jayla Marie says

    wealghy oeople think they are above the law ….as if their shit don't stink ….. Bruce Jenner killed a lady in a car accident that freak never got arrested for it …. That's bullshit ……..

  10. Jayla Marie says

    I feel for her but she had no right to kill another human being …….

  11. Venom 007 says

    Don't let this Distract you from the fact that TRUMP got 3 black thugs out of Chinese prison facing 10 years. #TRUMP2020

  12. Twizz The Whiz Kid says

    She shot buddy in the back of the head while he was asleep in a hotel room. Why didn't she just simply sneak out of the room & run away???

  13. Super Dad says

    System always fails

  14. JudgeBullShit says

    Wow when women start experiencing how fucked up the prison system is its "Down with the System" …. When Bill Clinton made it legal to imprison people for life after their 3rd time in cuffs you people thought you had your mind blown (boom)

  15. DeathRacer25x says

    FAKE NEWS… she’s went into the clients car willingly with a gun and clapped him AND robbed him WHILE he was asleep…. self defense where? Obviously the legal system realized that it makes zero sense to kill a random client that knows jack shit about you VS taking that same gun and killing your actual PIMP. There was zero grounds for murder because she was never in danger from that particular person. But you simple minded ppl don’t look or analyze anything blindly following morally bankrupt celebrities

  16. Deathstroke 87 says

    A pimp named slick back

  17. Kiahree says

    Finally! Hopefully she gets out, sad it takes the voice of a pop reality person to get some change done nowadays.

  18. Abram Anguaino says

    Thats not the real story

  19. jon casanova says

    That bitch coming home if Kim K want her home

  20. Ross Valerie says

    Fight back ? Lol Kim never ceases to amaze me with her stupidity .Do your homework this case old when she was questioned she admitted she thought he was about to attack her so she killed him there was no "fighting back involved ".

  21. Ken Gutierrez says

    We need to fix the system

  22. Stillo Chillino... says

    I remember Kim when she worked at the cigarette counter in the local store, shifty type, never did trust her,had the fucking gall and tried to short change me one day "oi!" I says to her, "typical fucking woman eh? just give me my proper change ya greasy cow or I'll ave the fucking manager on yer case!" she moaned a bit and made an excuse about having a hangover or something like that, no chance sweetheart!

  23. Jon Smith says

    yeah I'm definitely going to have to look into this story. I find it hard to believe that a 16 year old would be sentenced to life after being drugged and sold to some pedophile. That's self-defense anyway you look at it

  24. ILL mind says

    Fuck the kardshians OK

  25. jystardustfan71 says

    Lmao all of these idiots saying shit like “finally Kim does something good”. First of all Fuck you. But second of all she’s been doing nice things for a long time just doesn’t always post it on Instagram like you guys

  26. BOSS NASS says

    What a bullshit telling of the story. She wasn't sold to anyone. She was working the streets as a prostitute. She didn't act in self defense when she shot the man in the head while he was asleep then robbed him. Later she was caught bragging about how she killed him execution style.

  27. Brenda Grullon says

    if actually watch the keeping up with the kardashians show you would see they actually do use their show for great things ….

  28. Jupiter Stars says

    Lets HELP free her! it takes 2 seconds to sign and HELP FREE Cyntonia : Here's a link to sign a petition for repeal and early release!!!
    She only need a few more signatures for appeal! Spread this link. Go sign and lets help her get out! ❤❤❤

  29. Jupiter Stars says

    Lets HELP free her! it takes 2 seconds to sign and HELP FREE Cyntonia : Here's a link to sign a petition for repeal and early release!!!
    She only need a few more signatures for appeal! Spread this link. Go sign and lets help her get out! ❤❤❤

  30. Garland Garrison says

    Don't get me wrong. I feel sorry for what happened to her and all, but think……

    I'm already in a fucked up situation. Wont killing them just make my situation…….worse?

    If she could have sought help or even went to the authorities, she could be having a better life. Yes the pain of her past will still linger, but she could be in a better position. I've read stories of many women who escaped or were rescued from prostitution, then went on to become great doctors, authors, even celebrities.

    But by taking justice into her own hands, not only does she have to live with her troubling past, she has to live with it BEHIND BARS, most likely never seeing the light of day again. Eligible for parole at 69!!!!!

    Yes what happened to you was wrong and fucked up, and I hope that POS is bought to justice, but killing said person will make your life even harder now.

  31. Gwenadith says

    I’m so fucking mad right now. I’ve seen stuff about this girl in the past on top 10 lists of child murders and she was described on them as a psychotic child! I had no idea that she was doing it in self defense! I am absolutely disgusted right now and I wish I could find that list so I could call them out. I am just so bothered by this. This poor child has been grossly misrepresented in the media! God bless Kim, I never thought I’d say that but seriously God bless her! I’m so glad she’s helping this poor girl. I hope she gets set free and can have a normal and happy life.

  32. Shyne Musoke says

    Thank u kim

  33. Jake Maletesta says

    Transcripts that prove how guilty and evil Cyntoia Brown is :

  34. Xhann Fhlour says

    Smh… That meme was misleading and NOT ok

  35. Queen Aidni says

    This is a sad & messed up case & is fucked up is getting this national attention 13 yrs later WTF she's been sitting in jail 13 MF YRS SINCE THE AGE OF 16 THEY KEPT HER LOCKED UP IN JUVY THEN TRIED HER AS AN ADULT & SENT HER TO PRISON the jury was cold & must not be parents & the jude shoulda ruled against them & let her go she had already served 2 yrs for self defense this girl was put up 4 adoption months old & had a hard life then she gets hit with life when she stood up for herself shi is fucked up & when that law changed in 2011 she shoulda been released too smh #FREE HER

  36. Most Hated Know It All says

    I would feel so much better about this if Kim kardashian started a non profit to help all teenagers incarcerated for life have their cases reheard. Male and female. She could even name it in honor of her father, who was a lawyer. But to just focus on one woman to me doesnt seem right.

    I remember doing a video on cacey anthony and discussing the probability of the system, relatives, and lovers helping to railroad women into the criminal justice system under the premise that women get a lighter sentence or get much more sympathy. Also i discussed how the rate of incarceration for women has gone up. I was villianized and ran off the internet. They said i was defending a baby killer.

    i wasnt defending casey but but wanted to bring to light that more and more women could be railroaded by the not only the sytem but by their partners or love ones.

    Example: cyntoia's boyfriend using her to commit crimes rather than doing it himself with the thinking that if she gets caught she wont do that much time. He could have been prostituting himself. he could have rob the man himself. Why use a 16 year old female?

    I want her to get out sooner than later. i hope she stays away from toxic people and find people that really want her to do better. Because she has done enough penance for her wayward love ones.

  37. Caprice Walker says

    Good stuff Kim please help !

  38. I saw this document 4 years ago!
    I wish I could help this young lady. It was a ridiculous unfair and unjust ruling of her sentence. Good job Kim K. … For doing a good deed!
    Regardless of my personal opinion about what you to make do! This act of extending your hand to help the helpless is something that's respected, appreciated and honored. #freedom&Justice

  39. Littlefoot Littlefoot says

    WAIT what was Kim Kardashian famous for again?????? Ohhhhhhh thats right she got famous from that leaked sex tape of her getting long dicked by RAY J…..birds of the same feather flock together….it takes a hoe to help another hoe..lmao

  40. Darna Bedwell says

    Kim you've earned my respect.. God bless you. FREE CYNTOIA BROWN. I DECREE IT IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.

  41. Real McCoy says

    Who is the judge and prosecutor? It's time these people pay for their wrong doings! They are immoral individuals and probably was a part of that sex traffickers business to have taking this kind of action against a victim! Please help start a campaign against these two individuals and any one involved with her conviction?

  42. enya jas says

    free her!

  43. Wecallplce Money says

    Need more blacks having this type concern, especially black men…

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