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  1. Romancedolan says

    they r kinda cute

  2. amina tighlit says

    they are cute together i really happy for selena she is happy with him <3

  3. psyc hell says

  4. Kelsey Cartright says


  5. kaka eyoka says

    Very respectful of him, he waited for his ex, to unfollow him on instagram before posting a picture, nice gesture.

  6. 123benny4 says

    Another Canadian boyfriend…hmmm. Selena has something for guys from north of the border.

  7. Denise Fox says

    Im happy for them

  8. Selenator ForLife says

    she's so cute I'm glad she's happy!

  9. Jamie pee Op says

    Selena definitely upgraded! She had a little boy and got herself a man…good for you girl!!!

  10. daniella baraka says

    What song was it at 0:39 please?

  11. Mostaganem 27 says

    This Men is the best choice for her

  12. Elizabethxo Abelxo says

    this ain't cute i hate this couple watch when they break up Selena is gonna blame Abul for taking drugs since she a daughter of son bs and goes to church .

  13. John Smith says

    I just met a man who was born in 1324 and he is so sweet!

  14. Alice McDonald says

    WTF WTH what did selena gomez see with the weeknd…he cannot be trusted

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