Miley Cyrus and Adam Levine FEUDING on ‘The Voice?!’


It looks like things aren’t so hunky dory on The Voice! Two coaches are going after each other and Miley Cyrus is throwing major shade at Adam Levine! It looks like this shade might just…

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  1. Alicia Lopez says

    First I love Miley Cyrus

  2. Samantha st says

    I love them both.. Miley more but c'mon shade? I doubt that… Miley is too cool and too chill

  3. Samantha st says

    Adam will obviously win this one..But we will see

  4. dale strickland says

    Sexual tension

  5. dale strickland says

    Sexual tension

  6. unit niara101 says

    I sub to you do the same?

  7. Bill Gomes says

    I got here befour 200

  8. tania v says

    Omg not another fued..

  9. Chason Wright says

    Um…Talent shows do this on purpose but it sometimes changes

  10. Chason Wright says

    Hey dont do that!! Its normal to do a parody, so stop reaching for an argument

  11. Maureen Conklin says

    I think it's all for ratings. I'm sure they are friends.

  12. Caitlin Killarney says

    Adam levin is just doing his job he has been on the Voice since season 1 and he’s not going to let anyone get in his way so Miley back off of Adam your just looking for a reaction out of him

  13. Lv Lv says

    I don’t think there’s a beef. It’s just a game or like a friendly competition!!

  14. Ms. Phalange says

    You're an idiot. There's no beef. They do it for fun. They're friends

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