Signs Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have an unhappy marriage. Will they break up?


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  1. Xy Mia vlogs says

    Kim and kayne have divorced

  2. SIX0 four says

    This a messed up family. Those poor girls grew up in a house hold with a tranny that in turn messed them up and now all they date is black guys. There messed up and need serious therapy after Bruce Jenner. He basically ruined them and now they find refuge with black guys. It's true even the mom started dating a black guy after the spit with Bruce. What Bruce did was child abuse. He should be arrested for that crime

  3. bob Marshal says

    I truly hope she is miserable with her decision to marry this ass.
    Life can be cruel sometimes and she deserves some sadness

  4. Irene Kanda says

    Leave them alone beautiful family with brains Bruce jenner wasted his life l feel sorry for him

  5. 75aunty says

    what does black guys have to do with anything cmon with nonsense

  6. Marjorie Jonas says

    She should not have s third child, very stupid decision who in hell is advising them?

  7. Gary Johnson says

    kanye i seen your wife on live cable tv having real sex i mean real sex you havent seen it yet

  8. Michelle Mason says

    and if they do?ok so what people get divorce every day.

  9. Emeka Jones says

    Fake news

  10. r&b Richardson says

    Bruce Jenner is a Ugly woman

  11. brittney Ford says

    lies they are forever

  12. brittney Ford says

    this is not a horrible marriage why he talking like a moth

  13. TONIA WHITE says

    They are happy together,stop breaking people home that is why Americans never progress

  14. Marcos Rocha says

    They can not complain once this is the reason (be famous) why they sold their souls to the devil.

  15. cheryl parker says

    more fake news nd once again men can't have kids stop with that robot voice fake news fake news Bam

  16. Shana Fry says

    Divorcing Kim Kardashian would be the best thing for Kanye West

  17. Toure Yacoubou says

    so what? there is no such thing is perfect marriage.

    but there is a big difference between losers and winners.

  18. emlyn nela says

    why they took only black men? something its weird

  19. Bektaş Salim says

    Türkler nerdee

  20. Mercy Diaz says

    Cuando este negrito termine con esa casa fortuna ce queda en la ruina ya veremos todo en las noticias

  21. D. Jackson says

    I always wondered if Ray J poundin Kim K booty hole bothered Kanye, I know that was the pass but Ray was all in that azz….

  22. Dapper Dan says

    FAGGOT + HO = S.T.D.

  23. Chris Oneil says

    Only dumb negroes will lay in bed and make babies with an internet ho.

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