Oprah 2020! Cardi B’s Surprising Announcement! What Is Wrong With Selena Gomez? AND…


My Golden Globes 2018 recap! My most memorable moments! AND… Something is wrong with Selena Gomez! Much more drama with Cardi B! Oprah’s presidential run!! James Franco accused of sexual…

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  1. Dee Chris says

    As Much as I love Selena , she's becoming a pity party. She's one of my favs too

  2. highdefinitiondiva says

    Comedic Performances Rarely Get Oscar Attention or Wins anyway!

  3. Denise Pichardo says

    Perez,i love your channel ..keep them coming

  4. Natalie Gonzalez says

    Absolutely loved this video !

  5. James franco should not have won…..Daniel from GET OUT should havegotten that Golden Globes

  6. dirty06maggot says

    Is this the end for franco? The list sure keeps going. I think in a post weinstein world i think they should hold it against him. Same for gary oldman.

  7. hahah i LOVE LOVE!! i also almost cried with the cheek to cheek moment with nicole, I even texted to my husband, hahahah yes I am that extra

  8. My opinion about the H&M incident: I dont think is insulting, I come from a total different culture than US and the rest of the world seem not to take so seriously these things about "monkey" we all call babies or kids "monkeys" or stuff like that genderless, sometimes i think americans takes things too literal, and read tooo much into things, I found it very cute, i didnt even realize it was a black kid, because at the end it doesnt matter we are all equal

  9. Kat Ka says

    I'm down with Oprah too but I didn't watch this year and now I don't feel like I have to lol. Thanks!

  10. Kat Ka says

    Honestly, a lot of people have many misconceptions about fame. It's her life and she has every right to express how she's feeling. Everyone does.

  11. Bee Garzon says

    You just lost a subscriber. Oprah is a joke. #sheknew

  12. Kat Blade says

    Maturity ! THANKS for NOT doing best/worse dress list

  13. Renpeca says

    you pronounce it Tommy Y-Saw

  14. Renpeca says

    they didn't to Casey Affleck why should they for Franco, plus he just lured the girl not abused her, and the girl didn't meet up with him cuz she is inteligent
    obviously if a celebrity lures me I would be thrilled but I would come to my senses and say no

  15. Angela Crevier says

    Off topic of the video, but I just watched your instastories and I swear your mama seems like the sweetest, kindest woman, and I love how much you love her and have her so involved in your kids lives, it’s wonderful to watch ❤️

  16. Lacey Noel says

    Aw, poor Bam. He really needs to get it together.

  17. zeramin 3 says


  18. Amy Victoria Spring says

    Wow way to go for calling out rose’s hypocrisy with E news! You’re awesome!!

  19. Blake LeRay says

    Ronan Farrow the journalist behind The New Yorker articles exposing Harvey Weinstein confirmed that Rose McGowan was the first person he spoke to involving Harney Weinstein, Rose herself has confirmed that she was the anonymous actress who spoke out in the original article. Rose also responded to the E! Controversy at the TCA panel. it’s amazing how you can “Applaud every woman’s that come forward and spoken out” except the most outspoken activist against Harvey Weinstein who was detrimental in bringing this story forward which has clearly had a snowball effect, she is a contributor to helping woman and men that are victims of sexual assault and you might as well be back to shaming woman like you always have.

  20. Daphne Nvt says

    I think you should invest in a tripod. That way your camera stays still and won't fall off. X

  21. The Amazing Lucas says

    Where was Oprah when the whole "metoo" campaign came out? She was silent as a mf

  22. Laura Robison says

    Love you P!

  23. knowlight knowright says

    Lost atheist fool.

  24. nicola g says

    I hope you find everlasting love this year xx

  25. Kedra Johnson says

    My chihuahua has more intelligence than 45

  26. Epiphany says

    I agree with you on most of this stuff..
    " it very well could have been better than my life today but I’m grateful for a voice that can enable change today. Even when I don’t know how to do it well or actually want it. "
    – Selena Gomez.
    What Selena meant was if she wasn't famous.. then also she would have been happy with her life. But since She is famous, she is glad to be a voice to change people's life for the better. She also admits that
    SOMETIMES she doesn't actually know if she is doing the right things or not.
    She says she is grateful that she always has a voice even when she is at her low and doesn't want that voice.

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