Taylor Swift BOOED For Hiding from Fans After Wedding | TMZ


Taylor Swift outraged a gaggle of fans Saturday who waited in the rain to catch of glimpse of her after a Martha’s Vineyard wedding. SUBSCRIBE: http://po.st/TMZSubscribe About TMZ: TMZ has…

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  1. Kat Prinner says

    what a cunt.

  2. Bangtanboys Official says

    ya rite now she can't have a some personal space…whats wrong if she did't do it and met them…

  3. Andrew Ellis says

    I agree with her she went to a wedding it's not supposed to be about her

  4. Gazzer GT says

    Who else really wish you were there and tell the “fans” to buzz off. Like really give some privacy.

  5. Snatched. says

    Some fans.

  6. 샬럿Charlotte B says

    clearly not true fans if you cant respect her decision and privacy’s

  7. Invisble Ninja5000 says

    fuck these assholes.

  8. RMFrulez says

    disgusting behavior

  9. Dandara Gomes says


  10. Kay Dash says

    That tacky ass bitch boo-ing sounds was annoying and unnecessary. I don't usually like Taylor Swift, but l respect her on her choice not to outshine her best friend at her wedding. It's a private occasion and y'all not invited. Why y'all feel the need that she has to give y'all a piece of her anytime anywhere you please. Y'all must be crazy. Probably just a bunch of autograph hunters. Not real fans. Coz real fans they understand and would not invade her personal space.

  11. John Edwin Ruiz says

    They are all not fans they are paparazzi ughhh

  12. death painful says

    That wasn't even her,,, that was me leaving that day.

  13. Reina Arana says

    Taylor was there to support her friend not her fans so they shouldn't of booed her

  14. Killboard says

    that girl just said i thought you love your fans but boo her and i think what she did is pretty smart

  15. Sam London says

    She is not hiding from fans she is hiding from paparazzi

  16. Fugglestick theugly says

    Don't worry. Her friend will get divorced soon enough and she will write another terrible song about it.

  17. Kelly1999 says

    These people are so fucking immature she probably had a reason to why she hid from the spotlight for a while. So these people need to grow the fuck up!!!!

  18. Lori Stewart says

    Why are fans at Abigails's wedding hiding out. Let them talk about that. It should not about Taylor! Can I boo the fans?

  19. SPACE X89 says

    This bitch thinks she is Michael jackson

  20. Smooth Criminal says

    People get a fucking life

  21. Raj says

    Taylor doesn't even acknowledge I exist.

  22. Taylor swift Fan And supergirl says

    ..these people r who we call “pretend fans or fake fans”
    Us swifties will not boo Taylor just because she doesn’t want all the attention on her best friend’s birthday

  23. aespugic says

    This is complete bullshit. This is similar to what happened to Finn Wolfhard and this isn't what her TRUE fans do. Her true fans respect her privacy, loves Taylor so much but does not go overboard, and respects her rules even though they're impossible to do. Taylor didn't deserve that much boos, and it just have been cheers and claps. Taylor needs her privacy, she is a human, and we are all humans too, don't we need our own privacy too? I hope those people learn from their mistake and puts their feet into someone else's shoes.

  24. Nemo Najm says

    She got Married ? Or she went to one

  25. michael brown says

    Such a fake bitch

  26. Ray D says

    leave her the fuck be yo

  27. Lucia P. says

    You guys are supposed to be her fans and not expect her to pay attention to all of you when you shouldnt even be there at a private event! You love her WHY would u BOO her? so annoying "we thought you loved your fans" SHE DOES. She not going to go up and take pics and greet you at something you shouldnt have shown up at

  28. Kyle Crary says

    This is why I feel bad for famous people. Imagine this every where you go

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