Kris Jenner is FREAKED OUT when Kylie Jenner Marries Jordyn Woods


Kylie Jenner has done some pretty wild things in her life – I mean, getting lip fillers at 17 has to be up there, right? But what about getting married at 20?? Subscribe ▻▻…

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  1. Katheryn Herrera says

    What I think is that if she wants to fuck up her life then let her its not harming anyone also that when people say that she has to be a role model to younger girls is so annoying because what if that's what she wants in her life at least she being true to herself I mean she's fake but it's her life she doesn't have to change because people think she dresses bad or too much makeup cause it's her life let her do whatever the fuck she wants with it

  2. Alex Conor says

    Well i love Kylie's show!!and KUWTK they are so fabulous keep it up ladies

  3. Queen Beyoncé says

    Ok bitch you got me w that title

  4. Reagan Delancy says

    take the money jordan and run…lol

  5. Auchie Thomas says

    These ppl are desperate 4 attention

  6. Davin Holly says

    Ewwww. Why do people feed into this bullshit. MFRS god!!!!!

  7. touchy2017 says

    Get your shit straight…..her sister dates travis

  8. Justgowithzaflow says

    No it's not going to far. Hope they did get married because it's actually normal to marry your best friend.

  9. ThatGuyLarry 420 says

    I accidently married my cat =/

  10. Wendy Ferraro says

    Money, always about money….boring….

  11. Miss Eva says

    So click bait

  12. Cam A says

    this reminds me of that one episode of drake and josh

  13. Nathan Nguyen says

    Twighlight bella got married at 20

  14. babygirl Holley says

    Enything for the views Kylie Jenner clock it at the house girl

  15. Michele Conley says

    By marrying her "best friend" Jordan can later use Kylie for money, because she commuted herself to her. Really, friends break up all the time. Money makes people greedy!

  16. Noor-Maria Saleh says

    wtf i love u kylie but just no. no.

  17. Kalina Cruz says

    Anything for ratings..

  18. KEJE78 says

    So childish. Like playing mum and dad at 5.

  19. Dexta Rolle says

    Sighin I love the mob

  20. Dexta Rolle says

    Show u live cam

  21. Julie Bautista says

    "There's no prenup? Fuck!" Lmao Kris thinks well bc what if they did get married and this whole time Jordyn just wanted to fuck Kylie over.

  22. misty howell says

    Don't be stupid lady… anything to make her kids look more like sex which means money, Kris is for… the lips

  23. meh_life says

    These channles so up celebrities asses. And everything they say is their attempt at trying to be with the new generation and its just so lame. And the fact that they make it sound like news.lmao . Its not that serious

  24. Luiza H. C. Braga says

    This girl has serious problems !!! Poor thing!!!!

  25. Final Fantasy says

    lol dumbass Americans! Is this your first time hearing that someone is getting married at 20?

  26. Final Fantasy says

    Can you imagine this fake CUNT as a mother? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!

  27. ThisIsHow WeParty says

    Its just another cry for attention, Especially for Kylie. She needs to be with Kendall more often to understand being popular and bitchy isnt what lifes all about

  28. Beauty E says

    Wow Kris is crazy af she said theres no pre-nup lmao

  29. CALife says

    Even if Kyle went down on Jordan, it couldn't save this show.

  30. natalie storm says

    U people just make some fucking stupid headlines fucking little whore site

  31. Lisette Goufan says


  32. Genavieve C says

    Lol all kris cares about is Jordan taking all Kylie's money lmao wow

  33. Natalia Stornello says

    Kris makes me laugh

  34. June1708 says

    Figures….Kris is IMMEDIATELY concerned with a Pre-Nup? Kylie Jenner is no different that her whore sisters and her mom…..I mean who puts a comment out there that your 62 yr old mom looks like a "SNACK" ? Really ? What the hell is wrong with y'all that follow these disgusting people? The only thing Kris Jenner is concerned with is making money, making sure her kids do ANYTHING FOR ATTENTION….( trust me, I don't think that these girls actually started out dating black guys as an idea of their OWN, Mama Kris knew it would DRAW all kinds of attention in the media…..( and no I am not saying it's wrong…it's just wrong as far as Kris is concerned. THAT bitch Kris has been wanting to be famous since she married Bruce Jenner. She actually thought that when Nicole Simpson was killed she was going to become famous for being "Nicole's " friend….and when that didn't happen, of course she waited YEARS to see her daughter Kim become famous. As soon as Paris Hilton Fucked up and went to JAIL….Mama Kris seen the chance to LEAK the sex tape, and you idiots who idolize Kim and her family fell for it.
    Kim cares nothing about anything but being FAMOUS and her money, and y'all have continued to make Kim famous due to all the products she puts out and you people buy…..I won't buy anything from someone ( Kim ) that continues to LIMIT the amount of products she puts out….so then people have to wait and wait for more products to be released……There's something really wrong with Kim and her family….yet y'all don't get it and never will.

  35. Sou RAFA says


  36. Maria Perez says

    She got lip fillers when she was 16

  37. Maria Perez says

    Was she kidding when her bff got marry oh it's a joke sorry

  38. Galaxy chan says

    Kylie is me if I dont find any perfect guy,I'll fucking marry my bff

  39. Johm thriller says

    Kylie fucking woods
    Lots of pussy eating out
    Muff diving

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