Taylor Swift TOURING with Camila Cabello?!


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  1. Jessica Kennedy says

    I want her to bring Selena Gomez!!!!

  2. Chelsea Brooke says

    Ed Sheeran will be in KC, Mo Sept……I dont know a few days after Taylor so I have hopes of him making an appearance!

  3. Chelsea Brooke says

    It'll be my first Taylor concert too Sept 8!

  4. Jazz Dolman says


  5. April Schauer says

    Would love to see Camilla, Selena, or Ed Sheeran in Seattle with Taylor!

  6. Mia andrea says

    hi Lauren. I'm Mia, U might know me from the Swift Life, my username is Taylorcornmimi.

  7. Lara Haligonja says

    Oh my God! I just imagined Taylor singing LWYMMD and Katy coming out for the second verse!! Oh that would be everything!! Or imagine them singing Bad Blood together!! I just got really excited!

  8. Myles Link says

    I really hope Tay and Katy are friends again, because they are both amazing artists and as you said, girl power and all that

  9. Andrêssa dos Santos says

    That's so exciting! She's only coming to Brazil in DECEMBER! I'm gonna die till then! Btw, looking gorgeous, Lauren! Loved your lipstick and nails

  10. Megan Stagles says

    AAHHH!!!! This would be so awesome!

  11. Danelle Steyn says

    its my first Tay show too. I CANT WAIT!!!!

  12. Ashley Echevarría says

    Taylor ft Katy singing Feels (Calvin Harris song), Taylor ft Katy singing LWYMMD and TIWWCNT.

  13. Ashley Echevarría says

    Oh also Taylor ft Rihanna This is what you came for (idk if that's the name). Ed, Beyonce (that would be amazing like take that Kanye we are the queens) haha!

  14. Becky Roddy Machado says

    If Katy appears, they should sing bad blood together to show them burying hatchet.

  15. justin party says

    I’m going to night one in Santa Clara! I can’t wait ahhHhhhHhhahhh

  16. Taylor Quinn says

    I bought the delux edition of 1989, And a package fell out full of photos
    I was surprised but so happy
    I love Taylor
    But Camilla?.."….. nor quite sold

  17. Jordyn Azevedo says

    I’ll be there may 18th! Pasadena NIGHT ONEEEEE! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Dawn Krenz says

    Chicago June 2

  19. xs0ccerblondiex says

    Yeah Lauren, 1989 tour was literally amazing!!! Hahah I went to the one with indina Menzel and Alesia Cara, it is a night I will never forget!

  20. Swiftpuertorican says

    Hi Lauren, I will be attending the Rep Tour in Gelndale, AZ and the one at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. So if Camila does show up in Glendale, AZ you will be the first person I will TWEET! Love you girl. Keep up the good work!


    Never understimate Ms Swift

  22. Venus Mars says

    Imagine a dress and into it mashup

  23. Emma Dolliver says

    OMG, one of the dates you mentioned is the one I am going to w/ my bestie! Also my first TS concert (and concert in general). My bestie and I are both HUGE fans of Camila and Taylor and we would literally "Sink and Drown, and Die" if they both came on or Camila opened for her.

  24. Inside the Hem says

    I'm not sure that she would publicly befriend KP. She did that with Kanye, in a really big way, and then it back-fired. So, I think she's learned her lesson and really wants to keep her personal life, including who she is and isn't friends with, private.

  25. staci Marie says

    If this is a thing I'm done! I finally (after 10+ years of being a fan and wanting to see Tay) get to see her LIVE and girl, Camila has kicking music! I LOVE MY BESTIE CAUSE SHE BOUGHT MY TICKET!!!!

  26. Evie Dow says

    Yeah booooooy

  27. Haziqa Hasan says

    Lauren you got "13" unlikes , are you happy or sad ?

  28. Morgan Weber says

    Taylor just confirmed it!!

  29. Megan Stagles says

    Coming back here now its been confirmed lol – so excited!!

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