North West & Kim Kardashian Hang With Ariana Grande Backstage


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  1. k says

    Kim, Kendall, Camila, and Niall were all there omg

  2. Masuda Awesome says

    Is this trowback Thursday

  3. Skyicee says

    aww I love north

  4. Heteros Kiss says

    For those still tripping about the " I hate America and Americans" thing she said, get over it that was 2 years ago and shes american and lives in America tf. People alway find a reason not to like somebody……She still getting that shmoney though lmao.

  5. Ariana’s Moonlight says

    Put the news of Ariana wearing the red wig as miss Valentine that gave us victorious vibes

  6. Ariana’s Moonlight says

    On her insta stories

  7. bella Fitzgerald says

    awe north is so cute

  8. Spoopy says

    … I was suppost to go to that concert

  9. newbiechov says

    There were more celebrities there, it was like a Hollywood show. The less talented and more useless celebrities are always the Kartrashcans.

  10. Clay Brice says

    I'm sure they had a good time.

  11. There is a VIDEO on My CHANNEL Called "SEXTAPE" About KIM KARDASHIAN ! The VIDEO Tells the WHOLE STORY, Sooooo FUNNY !!! Check it out !
    North West & Kim Kardashian Hang With Ariana Grande Backstage

  12. Mikah Jones says

    ari is my idol

  13. Pug Lover says

    Niall horan was in the background of Kims snapvideo

  14. Yafet Gomez says

    Awkward for Ricky rat

  15. Helena Oliveira says

    i love Ari, i preferred that she was team Taylor and not Kardashians..

  16. Alva Larsols says

    OMG, Ari is so damn sweet! ❤️❤️❤️

  17. Deepa M S says

    Ari is soooo cute

  18. Eliman Colley says

    Niall, Camilla, Kim & Ricky were there

  19. BlueIndigo x says

    does anybody else think that kim and kendall look so much alike???

  20. Miss Vee says

    North is probably going to be 5x worse than Kylie growing up with her skank family.

  21. Alicia P says

    North has no idea who that is….should've taken her to see the Muppets on Ice!

  22. John Canty says

    Camilla Kendall Leon & Matt were there too

  23. Adrian Santos says

    Wow, North 3 years old went to an Ari concert and met her. Me, haven't went to any concerts….. A 3 year old's life is better than mine.

  24. FangirlWifi says


  25. Harmonizer mixerlove says

    I'm jealous

  26. stiles stilinski says

    when a little girl is luckier than u

  27. Tatiana Christian says

    I love Kim is just singing lol

  28. Tatiana Christian says

    I didn't know she was saying Mac Miller

  29. Noora Queen says

    North is 3 and already going to concerts !!!!!!!no hate but she's underage she should watch barney not ariana grande

  30. puffyxaviaer says

    why did I watch this…

  31. Peter Hoffman says

    eewwww! gross…

  32. Georgena Sampson says

    aww Mac and ari is soooo cute

  33. Esther Gogna says

    Gave u all heart palpitations are u fucking kidding me
    U don't know shit about palpitations or what that feels like

  34. Mareym Banna says


  35. Shay Shay says

    Kim is irrelevant

  36. Jaiyah Flawless says

    I love North the same for Ariana

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