Justin Bieber – Get Up Again (Official Video)


Justin Bieber – Get Up Again 2017 (Official Video) SUBSCRIBE AND YOU’RE IN FOR SOME AWESOME VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuGGK1GUXEYWiBUKYrEfk5Q?sub_confirmation=1 ——————-…

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  1. محزن جدا

  2. Terilkin Flamewood says

    Wait, Justing Beiber's still alive? Dang. I thought he slowly dwindled and died in a blackhole of obscurity.

  3. LoF LoF says

    oh yeaaaaah

  4. Phát Nguyễn says

    original video ???

  5. Novita Wulan Dari says

    I like the song and the video he ??

  6. Esther Arnesen says

    Get Up Again

  7. Yesenia Milagros says


  8. Meng Heng Roth says


  9. Michel franz tuesta says

    Very nice

  10. Tauseef siddique says

    Official song this is a fan made

  11. Kazer Pegasus Horse says

    この世界は一緒に頼りにしなければならない。 (世界はこの宇宙の誰もが手にしている)

  12. Maria Camila Manquillo Osorio says

    Esta increíble el video

  13. Dakshita beleiber says

    Justin , beliebers knows u and your voice very well it is't your voice.

  14. King Da Random says

    Oh trance

  15. Subham Subham831 says

    Gat up again

  16. Multi says

    Happy birthday my dear Justin brother.

  17. FREDYZ YT says

    this was the best song ever

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