Why Selena Gomez Gave Justin Bieber 2nd Chance & Why Friends Are STILL Worried


More Celebrity News ▻▻ http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews We have all the details on why Selena Gomez decided to give Justin Bieber a second chance and why her friends want her to be careful….

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  1. Josseline Ct says

    2nd chance my ass lol don’t understand why give a 739273921972739th chance to someone I love Selena but sucks how quickly she ran to Bieber’s arms like if Abel wasn’t that important like fuck if I broke up with Abel I would of lost my shit lol ☹️ sorry I don’t see them together I just can’t stand Selena eating her vomit lol aka Justin she was doing sooooo good and fucked it up getting back with him i love her but it’s so difficult bc I don’t agree with this jelena shit lol

  2. Master Morphosis says

    Selena just had a near death experience, she wants to live life, and for better or worst that is what her heart wants.

  3. Carrie B. says

    Did Justin "grow up" in the last month or…? He was just making petty ass comments about the weeknd just last month.

  4. Analecia Wallace says


  5. No Jams says

    They're like Chuck and Blair

  6. HollywoodGirl says

    What about The Weekend? Did she break up with him first before starting to think about dating Justin?

  7. Not-Not Nooo says

    2nd chance ?! More 37th …

  8. Lamooshy says

    Omg they both changed for the better let them date whoever they want they r grown up and they can make their own decisions " if u let something go and it comes back it was meant to be" that is exactly what happened to them

  9. Lamooshy says

    Now people shut up and jutst ship them I love them together their so cute

  10. Caroline Molakkal says

    A second chance? She gave him a 100th chance

  11. Naama Loll says

    She just wants attention she never loved him. Her new song is up

  12. koolaid awesome says

    Selena what is you doin baby

  13. Seanna Stedham says

    2nd chance more like the 5th

  14. shreya ACE says

    Dude I am for sure that selena is going to marry Justin bieber

  15. Sommy says

    I THINK it is a publicity stunt because both their songs (Wolves and Friends) are not doing as great as their other songs. I could be completely incorrect but seeing they are both household names and their newest music is not selling well.

  16. angelina Cruz says

    Yasssss,100%.they should be together

  17. Mel T says

    Now I just need Taylor to give Harry a 2nd chance and my Hollywood fantasies will be complete ^_^

  18. victoria licorish says

    I think it's very sweet of Hope giving him a second chance second Monday of May for each other they make a lovely couple and I'm speaking the truth it's coming from my heart

  19. victoria licorish says

    Weber makes her happy

  20. tamara alshimari says

    Like really people your all hating on Justin like selena is not an angel she did mistakes to but we don't know about its not just Justin's fault

  21. Khaizer Wasi says

    He deserve one chance, Justin Bieber plz take care of her, if she gets angry in you tc, don't prank your gf, give her happiness and Selena vice versa
    Love you Jelena

  22. Tay Warren says

    Selena can get any man in the world and she picks justin -_-

  23. Hello Du says

    The heart wants what it wants -Jelena

  24. Natalia Murad says

    I kind of feel bad for all these celebrities, like they can't have privacy. Everythings up on the internet…'strange

  25. Veronica Delgado says

    2nd chance?

  26. Alison Perez says

    2nd chance ? LMAO yeah okay

  27. Deja K says

    “…the source could be complete b.s.”? Then why u reportin’??

  28. Harleen Jethi says

    I think her friends are worried for the right reasons becoz she had to go through a lot in the past due to Justin
    and they love her and want the best for her

    I really hope that Justin is changed and this time Jelena will be forever

  29. Martlys Unzeitigová says

    question is why HE gave her chance.

  30. ilovefood says

    taylor giving selena relationship advice? HAHAHAHA

  31. Princess Punch says


  32. selsiah Creighton says


  33. tristan schindler says

    i think he deserves a second chance, there meant to be 🙂

  34. Unloyauhl says

    Why did selena need to give Justin a second chance??? Girlie was the toxic one in the relationship. NEXT.

  35. Vivianna does yt says

    Why did they broke up the first time?

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