Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller – The Way (Karaoke Version)


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  1. allie grande says


  2. honeydaisy says

    Only you – Zara Larsson pleaaase

  3. JoeY_simMer Xx says

    Can you do "Dream" by Imagine Dragons pleeeease???

  4. Ritesh Ram says

    here before 1k views.

  5. Kawaii_EggHead says

    Do "One Last Time" by Ariana Grande

  6. Tomas Mariñansky says

    I love u but you r like 4 years late

  7. Olu Ogunrinde says


  8. Mila-Indiana says

    can you please do dan and phil the internet is here

  9. Audrey C plays mc says

    here before 1k 500

  10. Hey Luiz says

    eu amo essa música ❤️

  11. Nerd says

    Important question: Can the tracks from this channel be used in Youtube videos? As in, can I take these tracks, play them as background music on a youtube video and not have issues with copyright?
    Please like if you have the same question.

  12. Om Production says

    why did u post the karaoke so late?

  13. Cassie Whitman says



  14. It's ya Girl Anne says

    I love this song . Especially with Arianna singing it

  15. Layla Wiggins says

    This song is so old

  16. Leah Does says

    Could you please do the beauty and the beast soundtrack

  17. Mike F. Plush Videos says

    Do Belispeak by Purity Ring

  18. Nonnie says

    Can u do the Christian song Write Your Story by Francesca B.

  19. Skyler Rainbow says

    We have solo tryouts on Thursday and I NEED the karaoke version of Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammer

  20. Sebrina Hassan says

    swalla jason derulo ft nicki minaj

  21. Silvia Maharjan says


  22. Sarah Eliza says

    Pleeeaaassseee do – Don't Leave by MØ and Snakehips

  23. Depressed Stripper says


  24. Talk About It Animations! says

    hey can you please do papercrown its a song its really cool and amazing and wow!!! thanks and bye <3

  25. L says

    Almost 4 years later

  26. Zielony Piniądz says

    Keke Palmer – dance alone please

  27. Hey please do I'm With You by Avril Lavigne!! <3

  28. Δημητρα Κανακη says

    Please make one of Tokio hotel


    once again one of the only songs I can sing…

  30. Jemima Deguzman says

    i thin

  31. JustMark says

    better late then never ♥♥

  32. zuerienkai101 says

    ariana, i cant do it, its so fast. gasping for air

  33. kodomonoomacha 24 says

    One love Manchester♡

  34. Barry Allen says

    Wait how is this like sorry not sorry at all????

  35. mykavaughn9 says

    when i was singing i looked at my tv and i saw annabelle and i got scared asf

  36. Carolina Hamilton says

    Who else is practicing their whistle tones???

  37. Alicia Conley says

    Ido this when i feel sad

  38. Unknown User says

    I hit those notes so good omg

  39. Ray king says

    Favorite song ever

  40. Not Happening says

    Arianna Grande can kiss my veteran ass, and so can you . The terrorist enabling ,leftist sjw bitch deserves no less.

  41. Santino Colombano says

    Am i the only one that did the vocal whistles (falsetto) and they didnt sound like a dying cat?

  42. GG Official says

    2018 anybody

  43. Deina Lee says

    Am the only one who knows this song is sampled from I'm not a player

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