Kendall Jenner CAN’T Book a Modeling Gig! Is She Quitting to Become a Movie Star?


Since she’s not getting booked for modeling gigs, Kendall Jenner is thinking of trading in the runway for the big screen. Compared to her model besties Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner…

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  1. Michelle Strelluf says

    She would do great

  2. Laura Grace says

    Early Squadddd!!!!

  3. Wahiba Zuhair says

    Car-ra* not Care-ra. And happy Valentine's day.

  4. Fiesty Diva says

    If her acting is as bad as her modeling,good grief because she's going be horrible.

  5. Alondra Medina says

    Thats awesome ! I would really enjoy seeing her in the big screen .

  6. Aiden Fountain says

    This is total bullshit, she hasn’t been modeling lately because she is the brand ambassador. It’s against her contract for her to model for anything else. It’s a $15 million deal

  7. Hadeel M asaid says

    Mmmm cara is not a good actress and kendall should stay a model I don't think she's talented that is my opinion

  8. Elina Verdina says

    She would be very annoying actress to work with , i think she is way to over hers head , she looks so annoying , im glad that she is MIA on kardashian show

  9. Claudia Cruz says

    891 View!!!!!

  10. Namaste India says

    fuck these bitches

  11. Lisa G. says


  12. GiSele says

    This shitty rumor was also a Gigi rumor aka fake

  13. big girl says


  14. Allina Rassool - Pariag says

    Kendall hasn't been well lately….she must be taking a break….she needs it

  15. Jalleel Bansie says

    She would be a great actress

  16. Aaron Bynum says

    Kendall has been in several shows this fashion week, and had done several major campaigns, but I always thought shed make a great actress

  17. Melissa says

    she should transfer into photographing. i really lovve her photos. don't have high hopes about acting…

  18. Mary Anne says

    she needs to eat a pizza

  19. Mel S says

    Other member of Cake lol. Did I miss the part where cake turned into a band or something?

  20. Patina77 says

    do your research. she said in a vogue interview that she doesnt want to be an actor, she wants to be a model only

  21. April Lorraine Garado says

    And when she do decide to be actress,people will always criticize her acting because DUHHH!!!that's what they always do to her;*

  22. Natalia Stornello says

    She’s probably just taking a break to help Kylie w/ Stormi……..

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