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  1. Phillips Watson says


  2. Sheila Ann says

    99 problems jay z

  3. Angel M says

    OK that's commendable that little Ms. Blu "saved her parents marriage". Now WHEN are we gonna see the TWINS that Beyonce supposedly gave birth to in July? Nobody has seen hide nor hair of these babies! Did they survive their POST OP INCUBATION, OR ARE THEY DEAD?

  4. 28frost King says

    You know you my saving grace

  5. Dorothy Mays-Pitts says

    True love will always see us thru. Congratulation to Jay Z and Beyoncé stay prayed up. D. Pitts

  6. Latoya Fox says

    Kids don’t save marriage , counseling Do

  7. kanisha Mbunwe says

    So happy you made up.THANK YOU BLUE IVY.God bless this marriage.

  8. Janine Cantey says

    Fake Fake Fake

  9. Barbara Minchew says


  10. Diana Lyerson-Breland says

    This is so BOGUS!!! she reported NOTHING that has not already been said…..done with this kinda video…from people that have nothing but repeated GOSSIP

  11. Kool Look says

    Ugly cheater ! Blue Ivy looks just like her dad. Poor kid.

  12. Yaohushua Immanuel says
  13. Debra Buford says

    GOD blessed Them Because everybody deserves a second chance at life GOD blessed There beautiful blessing There Children AMEN

  14. C. Willock says

    I think the twins saved their marraige. Jay Z cheated after Blue was born. Shut up you don't know them.

  15. Allie Brown says

    Blue ivy is cute

  16. Debra Sharpley says

    Kids never save parents marriages. They remaining married for their Status and Contracts. They will end when they are ready. No Love lost. They are done as a married couple.

  17. Pietro Michele says

    This is not love its Business !!!

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