Kylie Jenner Pregnancy REVEALED


Kylie Jenner Pregnancy REVEALED Amanda and Kylie pregnant at the same time?!? Instagram – @lamontholt Twitter – @lamontholt1 Snapchat – lamontholt Amandas channel –…

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  1. Dreadhead Slimmie says

    This shit is fucking click bait! I hate that fake ass shit.

  2. Eduardo Monsivais says

    Her belly it's so sexy

  3. Ismail Shotta says


  4. are nuzzle says

    Haha maybe she the act in for Kylie Prego

  5. Coolest Jones says


  6. Nancy Anderson says

    clickbait bullshit!

  7. Stephanie Cardoza says

    That is not Kylie Jennier

  8. the 2 jojo says

    Fake as fuck

  9. BlackLight says

    0:20 "Dang, you closed dat' door wit' swag too!"

  10. Khristal Khri says

    Learn to clean and organize before the baby comes.

  11. Ethan & Krish Sharma says

    Stupid liar

  12. Fatima Carinhosa says

    Kyric tym…Boy…kery sweet.girl

  13. ccoala luck says

    Look like kylie but not is

  14. Ashlyn Fandom gamer28 says

    Click bait fucker u suck

  15. Lucifer 666 says

    What song plays at 4:00

  16. Susie Ballard says

    Damn y'all got some dirty ass carpet in that playroom

  17. Minerva Miranda says

    Click bait….

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