Ed Sheeran DENIES Fan Theory That Taylor Swift’s “Dress” Is About Him


More Celebrity News ▻▻ http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews Swifties have come up with tons of theories about the subjects of Taylor Swift’s new songs, and now we can officially rule out the…

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  1. Anali Urzua says

    Bruh it could mean her bf joe!

  2. Can't people just enjoy the music instead of finding who the song is about?.. It's Taylor's personal life..Leave her alone.

  3. Laynie Loves says

    I think it's about Drake

  4. Sarah Ali says

    THIS IS A MEDIA THEORY!! NOT ONE FAN EVER THOUGHT IT WOULD BE ABOUT ED CUZ TAY SAID IT WAS FOR JOE!!! why does the media come up with their own rubbish stories and then call it a fan theory??

  5. Ashley Weese says

    Lmao people are so stupid this has me rolling on the floor

  6. Stavroula Roupa says

    I don't get this really. People from SS have confirmed that every love song from rep is about Joe. What's your deal anyways. After everything media keeps messing with her. Why would Ed be the guy she is referring to? I really don't get you people. Stop using her name for attention. Leave both Tay and Ed alone.

  7. Kirsty Watkins says

    No Swiftie in the history of ever thought Dress was about Ed, just, how?

  8. Shana Matzke says

    It could be about Ed Sheeran… because in the song she says “shape of you” and Ed has a called “shape of you”.

  9. lorde isaroyals says

    Lol we already knew that dress was about Joe Alwyn. Nobody but you and a few other people not at ALL a part of the swiftie fandom. Stop using our name to voice your inaccurate af theories.

  10. lorde isaroyals says

    All love songs are about JOE ALWYN. Confirmed. Taylor Allison Swift confirmed it. It's not a secret. She asked people to say it if people started speculating so stfu. Joe. It's all about Joe from here on out.

  11. Taylor Swift says

    Fun fact swifties didn’t think that I’m one so shut up

  12. betija m says

    no no no no! es is way too good for her

  13. Suné van Aardt says

    What about the lyrics saying shape of you

  14. bgirlfirefly11 says

    Honestly the song sounds kinda gay when I first heard it that's the vibe I got

  15. donna easty says

    It's about Joe Alwyn her partner of a year. Joe had a buzz cut for his new movie where he was a soldier. But I love Ed he is Taylor's biggest supporter and comes to her defense all the time. Ed stated ''Taylor is the only person in the Industry who is authentic and real''. With you there Ed.

  16. Mida Bullas says

    "Flashback when you met me.
    Your buzzcut and my hair bleached"

    DRESS IS FOR JOE ALWYN. He met Joe at the Met Gala with his hair buzzcut and her is bleached.


    "Third floor on the west side me and you…"

    Karlie's aprt is in manhattan and her bedroom is on the third floor.

  17. every star says

    What do mean?? Taylor and sheeran Made a song called End game with future and there are still Friend nota enemies her song dress is about Ed I'm not Hating Taylor what I'm saying is true I'm her biggest fan

  18. ali mekni says

    At 1:06 her eyes color change

  19. Catherine Smith says

    i love it !

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