Beyonce’s Instagram Posts Are Worth HOW Much?!


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  1. Dotty says


  2. Aiva Harper says


  3. Halal Eritrean says

    She gets paid to post???

  4. BoneStudios15 says

    I don't understand this whole thing on how is a post worth any amount of money it's just online for anyone to access

  5. Lexy Taylor says


  6. damarius ingram says

    But it's online so anyone can see it??

  7. That one dislike must of be a hater or jelous.

  8. Shanera Bartlett says


  9. A AA. says

    If this was about Kim, everyone in the comments would go crazy.

  10. Denise H says

    I wouldn't expect anything less….she's Queen!

  11. AutisticWhale 2 says

    She's a queen. What did you expect?

  12. ayesha rahman says

    Man today I have been early

  13. American Horror Story: Cult says

    Thumbnail = Lady Gaga

  14. Crazyarchfiend says

    How much is Selena Gomez's post then? Holy fuck

  15. Clay Brice says


  16. Frances Onyinah says

    I think that single post is worth a million dollars, not all. But correct me if I'm wrong looool

  17. Bryonce Dick says

    So I get Beyoncé has the most like pic with 10mil likes but Selena's average is about 3-6mil a picture so how much is she making??

  18. Zak Mik says

    she lame plus she copying hat

  19. Zak Mik says

    she lame plus she copying hat

  20. Lamooshy says

    I would post every single second to get the money lol

  21. Ramano Mendez says



    …full price.

  22. E. T says

    omg girl who did you're makeup … her eyes look weird

  23. Weirdflower says

    lol are they getting their stories from snapchat?

  24. HÁRØØÑ PÀÜL says


  25. doctor who says

    I don't think that she gets one million dollars to post anything. But if she were to advertise for a company it would be 1,000,000 $ because of the exposure her instagram receives.

  26. Keith Wilkes says

    All I'm Going To Say Is I'm Happy For Jay z And Beyonce They Already Have 1 Cute Kid Together And Now There Going To Have 3 When Beyonce Give Birth To The Twins

  27. Reijo P. says

    Listen, Beyonce's Instagram posts are as valuable as your channel, Clevver News. If any person there is offering money for your stupid channel or Beyonce's Instagram, he really needs a place in mental hospital or fucking madhouse! Your channel is worth less than 0 euros! No one wants it even for free! Next: Ariana Grande's Tweets are worth Clevver News!

  28. Sunny Rainy says

    I'm not surprised! If I was to advise from anyone 1 star in Hollywood I would only choose Beyonce. Because the rest of the stars still look like 17 year olds trying to figure the world out.

  29. Westley Rage says

    No, seriously, let someone else other than Drew to report news about Beyonce for once or twice…

  30. tio4561 says

    Thank God for the haters cuz they help

  31. SforSwiftie says

    ngl I love Beyonce what a post worth a million? there are people who work much much much harder than her and don't make that much for 5 to 10 years

  32. Heyterry says

    Jesus Christ, the rich really do just get richer

  33. Jc Hall says

    SO who is paying her this million dollars?  Surely this must be for a placement.?!

  34. Sukanya says

    I hate her voice yuck. Please change the host

  35. Becky says

    pay me tf

  36. kordeisus says

    My mother

  37. Christian McCarty says

    I know people say that but who's gonna pay someone that much for a picture????

  38. Paulina Alvarado says

    The word "smackeroos" cracks me UP

  39. There is a VIDEO on My CHANNEL Called "SEXTAPE" About KIM KARDASHIAN ! The VIDEO Tells the WHOLE STORY, Sooooo FUNNY !!! Check it out !
    Beyonce's Instagram Posts Are Worth HOW Much?!

  40. Gel Gaauur says

    I might sound really ignorant and clueless but how do you get money out of Instagram?

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