Miley Cyrus – Wildflowers (Tribute to Tom Petty “The Howard Stern Show” October 4, 2017)


Miley Cyrus preforms Wildflowers as a tribute to Tom Petty on The Howard Stern Show on October 4, 2017.

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  1. 31mbur says

    It's a shame her talent is wasted on her terrible music, she sounds amazing here.

  2. robert harrison says

    good one here '''

  3. David Rothberg says

    I love when she sings good old songs.

  4. K2mbs says

    Hopefully she has grown past her repulsive stage into respectful music.

  5. Magazine Husband says

    Tom Petty Tribute:

  6. Sandra Kral says

    Beautiful !!

  7. Takayuki Ishiguro says

    It's obvious she's got it.

  8. Todd Eifert says

    soooo talented

  9. Jose David says

    Sorry but it's crap.

  10. Had Enough says

    Who came up with close one eye and stick out your tongue. She looks like a f**king moron.

  11. DrumN Gun says

    Love this, I think I definitely became a fan of her with this one. Also, for anyone willing to listen. I'm a big fan of Tom and
    his music…and I just released a jazz cover of Breakdown as a tribute.
    If you're willing to give it a look, thank you so much. RIP Tom.

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