Kendall Jenner DEVASTATED Over Pepsi Ad Backlash


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  1. William Ogilvie says

    OMG WHAT A STUPID FUCKING excuse!! "SHE DID NOT KNOW" bitch please…. if you are gonna put your name on something you will make sure you know what the hell you are putting your name on!! Especially if you are in the public eye!! Whats happened here is Kendall has tried to have an opinion and it didn't work in her favour! so she blames it on the production team and makes out she didn't know!! NO ONE signs a contract without knowing at least the basics of what you are signing for!!! and if she was smart enough she would have not done it!!! Oh wait $$$$$ thats why DUMB BITCH!! Rant over

  2. Firelord Azula says

    Nothing to do with it??? Lol ok didn't know they forced people to be the face of Pepsi. That girl could've had a say if she wanted to, I mean as a privileged white woman and all..

  3. ShadowCoyoteDKM says

    She was stupid enough to take part in it. No sympathy.

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    Kendall Jenner DEVASTATED Over Pepsi Ad Backlash

  5. Lopene Fair says

    Everybody's like "I can't believe they think a can of Pepsi will solve all the problems in the world." Well I can't believe you think THAT'S what they were trying to say …

  6. Lopene Fair says

    Although, I do believe that Kendall should have asked to be informed beforehand of the creative ideas, so she could influence them in some way if she didn't find them agreeable. It's not inconvenient and it wouldn't breach her contract either. That screams common sense to me.

  7. Erika Diana says

    Any publicity= good publicity

  8. Milly Monroe says

    Wait what the fuck happened I didn't get anything

  9. Lily_DevNou says

    The ad is very disrespectful and not an ok message to put out but Kendall is not to blame.Yes she should have thought what the impact of the story could be and that maybe what she is doing is wrong but it is not her fault, it's pepsi's. They are the ones that should be getting hate not Kendall. They are the ones that are morally flawed not Kendall. And i don't know whether Kendall even realised what imagery the creators were using to selleheir product and whether she realised that it was horribly disrespectful. I love Kendall and the whole Kardashian crew but they do need to think about the impact that they have on media and peoples live before they do a ad or anything in the media because they ARE influential. They DO impact how people think. So they HAVE to use their brains before doing something.

  10. Hector Lalalala says

    pepsi drinkers matter

  11. D-burger666 says

    its just a commercial. get over it. theres worse things going on in this world. a church in Egypt was bomed. there was a school shooting in san Bernardino. this commercial does not matter

  12. Kristen Hobaugh says

    she couldve walked away at any time. she gets no pass

  13. bts ruined my life says

    i honestly don't understand why everyone's so butthurt over this commercial…

  14. Kelesia Jackson says

    first of all, im not "picking a side" but its stupid to say she didn't have a choice, ladies and gentlemen lets pull the receipts:
    She got the lines and read it-she could of said "I don't like how this is-i don't think I can do it
    most of you will reply to "bust she signed a contract" she did BUT shes a millionaire and can buy her way out just like malik and Kesha did like damn if the owner said suck my ass would she eat it? no,that's why you reason before you sign, know what you're getting into takes back receipts

  15. J Mac says

    I mean fucking Kendall just took a job, shit, it's a brand deal everyone in the spotlight gets Pepsi commercials. I hate the Kardashian but she is the most ok out of all of them. I know you aren't hating on just Kendall but it seems like she's being the face of the attack, she didn't write it. DAMN

  16. M Py says

    No matter how much Kendall tries to separate her career from her star studded family, she'll never be able to get away from the haters who turn anything that is supposed to be for a good cause into a controversy. We are in a time where have an orange president striking people for no reason. But instead all we can talk about is Pepsi commercials.

  17. Nikhil Orpe says

    this story will keep up with atleast 4 episodes of kuwtk

  18. Diana Fronsdahl says

    Pretty dumb to sign onto something if you truly don't know "the vision" behind it….

  19. Belle B says

    People may argue that if she was an unknown model she wouldn't be getting so much heat or its not her fault, but the truth is she isn't . Any unknown model wouldn't have any influence in the matter. There are some comments below say she only knew last minute or on the day of the shooting that is total BS. A project this big would definitely take a lot of time and effort (although I question the effort part). And even if it was last minute I am sure she could have backed out or done something… but she didn't and accepted the fat paycheck . Proving everyone such a airhead she is, that to living in USA.
    I am all the way Australia and originally from Nepal even I cringed when I first saw the add.

  20. Moody Diruti says

    It did make her look dumb, but the whole project was really bad.

  21. icevsfire fun says

    I find Kendall's flat ass in this video more disturbing.
    Given that her sister has the biggest ass in the world…

  22. Morteza Akrami says

    I bet she didn't ask to know the story of the ad since she knew it is for Pepsi and she was paid at least 10 million $ for it.

  23. james felchner says

    everyone already forgot with this united airlines thing. thats how pathetic this country is today. people are up in arms about something one day and something completely different the next

  24. karla lopez says

    My opinion is, the people who don't like her aren't going to like her any more no matter what she does, & vice versa.

  25. madtish says

    probably next time she´ll make her research before selling her image again

  26. Elma Mujkanovic says

    I probably sound stupid, but why does everyone hate that vid or commercial? I don't get it?? Please explain that to me..thx

  27. Iesha Shepherd says

    I don't understand the big issue. The commercial wasn't intended to be controversial but to unify everyone. The media just blows shit out of proportion and I personally don't think Kendall deserves the backlash. This is ridiculous guys

  28. John Brett says

    You know what they say, don't blame the player, play the game. She was only the actor, not the producer.

  29. jmack7281 says

    She sounds exactly like Mila Kunis.

  30. methyou says

    Crazy liberals eat each other…

  31. bro guy says

    " i was just doing my job" yeah we dont allow that as an excuse here in america.

  32. Ali Keaik says

    u must doo a clever tv app

  33. sourcheesepringles says

    She is stupid and a slut but she is pretty so I still like her.

  34. Geraldine Braxton says

    Um….Did Kris Jenner write this for you guys?

  35. mackstertube says

    Isn't it kind of stupid though that she blindly signed on to do whatever they tell her. She should have in the contract that she had the right to not doing anything against her religion or values etc

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