Kim Kardashian EXPOSED As Taylor Swift Fan In Unearthed Throwback Video


More Celebrity News ▻▻ It was a simpler time back in 2009. Years before Kim exposed Tay Tay as a snake on behalf of Kanye West, she actually proclaimed on…

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  1. Insert dramatic chipmunk here.

  2. MusiqQueen6 says

    I'm not a huge Kim K fan but this video was from 8 years ago. People are allowed to change their opinion of something/someone. Hell, Taylor is way different now than she was in 2009

  3. Alexa says

    Why is Kim even famous? At least Taylor actually has talent as a pop artist. Also, who the hell records a conversation unless they're planning on doing something shady? I guess I can understand.. it's the only way she can stay relevant. It's not like she has any real skills or talent.

  4. CherBeverly ً says

    What did Kim do that makes her a snake? Lmao, wasn't Taylor the one always playing victim.

  5. Geoffrey says

    Thing is people can change their mind when presented with new information that conflicts with an opinion they once held, even dearly. That doesn't make them a sellout, disloyal, a flake or a snake. It makes them an open minded person willing to admit when they're wrong. It makes them a critical, logical thinker who isn't so blinded by emotions that they try to fit evidence around what they want to believe, but who instead go where the evidence takes them. I'm not even a Kim Kardashian fan in the slightest but it's stupid to use a clip from years ago to try and prove she's a flake or a traitor or something because that's what fits your narrative​.

    Of course changing your mind without fully having all the information is also kind of dumb and so it is important to hold off on making opinions until you've gathered a satisfactory level of information to make your opinion informed, but that really doesn't apply here.

  6. stevey j says

    Hey pretty host lady

  7. I FEEL SO SHOCK!!!!!!!!

  8. Krysten Chambers says

    Um she's channeling Kim for sure.

  9. Shaun Russel Tugonon says

    You know what they say: The More You Hate, The More You Love!!! Annoying am i right!!! #Ughhh !

  10. Yasmim Oliveira says

    Cara como eu odeio essa kin kardashin mds ela e o kany so sabem arrumar treta com os outros tudo por midia pra chamar atençao ,a kin nao tem talento nenhum. Nao faz nada e fica fazendo isso com a taylo

  11. ria k says

    Any1 realized that Ashley I from bachelor pad is telling bout this

  12. Celia Mb says

    Hmm this might explain why she was recording her in the first place … Kinda stalkerish…maybe she used taylors voice to get "frisky" with the hubby

  13. Palamedes 47 says

    Im a the only obe who live for the MY O' MY ?

  14. rosemary j says

    That was 2009 and this is 2017.

    If I were Kim, I would been more upset with Kanye for making lyrics of
    "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex" Kim is the mother of their children and he is talking about possibly having sex with someone else other than her.

  15. Liam Shwan says


  16. Nav Nav says

    Yeah we Already knew they were friends and their moms are firends too

  17. Rin Pichmony says

    She a fake fan

  18. Jewl Seville says

    What y'all don't even know is that Kim admitted to loving Taylor on Keeping Up With The Kardashians

  19. orange Peech says


  20. Kali Lane says

    Um people change. It's normal – I guess Clevver news isn't so clever

  21. Soumyata Tiwari says

    She looks so much like Kim k

  22. 1998sims says

    It's almost as if eight years can change a person's taste in music.

  23. Abe Mortillaro says

    man how things change

  24. OzLoyal13 says

    Taylor has more tallent in 1 finger then Kim has in her entire body and unlike Kim is a decent human being. Taylor is queen. Kim is just a rich porn star.

  25. Noé Roa says

    I can NOT concentrate on anything she's saying because that fugly and cheap looking top is REALLY distracting (and that pin holding it together, OMG I just can't!…).

  26. Melissa Yang says

    Honestly Kim is rude and a bully so I can see why Taylor dislikes her and Kayne is also rude as fk too

  27. Alessandra K-S says

    Kim is a bitch

  28. Forever Light says

    Something is still fishy!!

  29. eric wan says


  30. Angelina Pollak says


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