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  1. irrepressible monkey says

    It actually swears instead of saying ‘the good trip”.

  2. Zaria Avestruz says

    Nice! Keep up the work 😉

  3. Divinity Leslie says

    Go Ariana!!!

  4. Kimberly Hutchings says

    Everyday everyday

  5. MoanaTheGymnast 6 says

    25 dislikes? How many accounts does my brother have? (He hates Ari only because I love her)

  6. MoanaTheGymnast 6 says

    Does Ari have a clean version of the whole dangerous woman album? I kind wanna have it one day…

  7. ElleGaming 123 says

    I usually say: He giving me that good SHIP, that make me not quit, that good SHIP!! LOLLL

  8. sassy star says

    ɨ ʟօʋɛ ʏօʊ aʀɨaռa ɢʀaɖɛ

  9. Annie Jacobo says

    Your so cute

  10. arnicus208 says

    I love this song.

  11. Phil Weiss says

    I love it also thanks for saying trip not you know what

  12. Phil Weiss says

    That girl omg so cute

  13. Rosie Xox says

    this reminds me of my boyfriend 🙂

  14. Anonymous 30 O_o says

    The background is really pretty

  15. Saylor S. says

    Geez, this song is fire.

  16. Makayla Grant says


  17. RandomAir BGM says

    Hey there. Did you see my Swish Swish and Last Friday Night TGIF lyric videos? Just asking. 😐

  18. Awesome Time says

    It’s honestly not all I see

  19. Gloria Franco says

    I watched you're video

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