Kendall Jenner – Find out as she planks – LOVE


Who’s @KendallJenner’s favourite sister? Does she prefer boys or men? Find out as she planks for LOVE ⚡ (by @twodadstwokids)…

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  1. Anna X says


  2. Juan Rivera says

    you did great Kenny.

  3. Gleykar Urbaez B. says

    necesito cake, haganlo otra vez!!!111!1uno!!1

  4. ughvenn says

    "stripes," says kendall wilst wearing plaid

  5. indexandthumb says

    "Martini or wine?" -Pepsi

  6. Dominic Glover says

    You gotta love Kenny lmaoo

  7. Stephen Dowdye says

    This is light work!

  8. Maira Thorn says

    city cause she has never been in country side

  9. Sopharath Samith says

    I don't think that's how we plank

  10. Catta Bonata says

    It makes you wonder how she got her "perfect natural body" by exercise (as she claims) if she cant keep a 1 min plank

  11. Hannah Banana says

    "Stripes or plaid?"
    is wearing plaid

  12. 회복 says

    her "what" is fucking iconic

  13. Yatin Patil says

    I have never done something like this

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