Taylor Swift – Full Interview on Alan Carr: Chatty Man


Queen of breakup songs, Taylor Swift came in to talk about her single ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’ Subscribe for more videos and classic moments from Chatty Man – https://www.youtube.com/u…

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  1. neutral name says

    Her personality didn't really gel with me but she seems lovely. Doesn't try too hard to be quirky, just talks to interviewers like a normal person.

  2. Do Bo says

    She was better back then becuase she wasn't as fake, she was kind. Now shes completely fake and arrogant and only dumb people cant see that. I d like to smell her armpits though now

  3. M. Benstein says


  4. Daniel Villalobos-Terrazas says

    People are laughable by way to hard in the background

  5. becky la belle says

    Taylor Swift a 23 ans dans cette vidéo

  6. FintanRawsthorneMusic says


  7. darcysgurl says

    I love that she doesn't try to "please" others , she's just being herself,she's not trying to be the funniest , the sexiest , the coolest .. no , she's taylor !

  8. Jesus With Me says

    I'm really excited..
    I mean, seeing her, just it makes me happy (^-^)
    I advice you to see that vedio
    Really you will love it
    I'm really happy as a girl

  9. Hiba El Idrissi Fettah says

    Alan is so funny and friendly that you absolutely feel like you want to meet him right away, I never watch the show for the celebrity, but certainly for Alan .

  10. Natalie Valenzuela says

    Taylor looks like a chipmunk

  11. Julia Alc says

    She was so sweet

  12. Pan's Nymph says

    What she done to her teeth?

  13. Richard Kelbe says

    What's the story with her teeth?

  14. Fable low says

    Grab your dice

  15. rose rose says

    she is not funny atall and is so boring and fake.

  16. Melia Morse says

    This interview is before she had her veneers redone. They look so big here (and a little gray). She has a hard time closing her mouth over them. And she clearly hasn't had her eyelid surgeries yet here either.

  17. Charlie Clarke says

    shes so awkward

  18. Electra Froot says

    Honestly I find her so boring in interviews. Probably the least entertaining guest on his show ever

  19. Ukantorkiller says

    Your songs give me my force back! Thank you! I am healthy!
    I had not a easy begin in life.. Do you read that here? Are you in the comments on youtube?
    Can i see you on a concert? Love you to. My life was for two years really bad..i was so ill.

  20. Q says

    watching this after reputatiuon came out yesterday

  21. tracey davenport says

    Wow she has the personality an intellectual capacity of a garden slug

  22. Naung Thaw says

    time when taylor was naive and take every criticisms from the media.

  23. Smile with Mel says

    I feel like the trance album is here 🙂 and I kind of love it!!

  24. First Coffee says

    I would love to see Richard Simmons on ur show!

  25. my Queen Ever says

    My hero

  26. curt wall says

    he makes david dickenson sound like danny dyer lol

  27. BlackAdder665 says

    how can you not love her?

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