Kim Kardashian West on Her Children Someday Watching ‘KUWTK’


In our KKW TAKEOVER, the one and only Kim shares how she feels about her kids watching the iconic reality show.

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  1. Grace Roman says

    Did you see how Kim and Adrienne looked at each other it was with this awkward-ness…. I get it, I get it…

  2. Irma G. says

    Idk but Kim looks like she's has a sexless marriage

  3. she's gonna around getting on alot of shows right now extra , Ellen. and some others

  4. username says

    They all look so nervous around Kim. My God she is only human relax.

  5. Nje Fumba says

    I've never heard that laugh from Adrienne. What the hell is so funny about saying "Season 1 of the show." I'm cringing watching this clip all the way from South Africa, I can imagine how it was for people right there in the audience. Yikes.

  6. Belletaina says

    Id say it is really the sex tape with ray j that she really has to worry about instead of their failing reality tv show..

  7. Marvia Laurence says

    I would like to know how she'd go about explaining that she became famous due to a sex tape to her kids?
    Would you even tell them?…..

  8. A D says

    I thought that the title was Kim K on her children someday watching her sextape!

  9. GardenofRoses says

    This feels a little pretentious after all the girl chat discussions about her, you can feel the tension

  10. Aly Nicoco says

    What about her kids seeing her sex tape and nudes? like thats not gonna scar or embarrass them….for life

  11. My-Ava Journey says

    That's so sad her kids will see the tape Or hear about it 🙁

  12. digthewarmth says

    I thought it was going to say "…Someday Watching Her Sex Tape"

  13. Hi how are ya says

    North would watch season one of KUWTK & not even know who anyone is.

  14. Joseph Mendoza says

    Good role model?? Will if doing a Sex Video with Ray J and being Butt Naked for attention and doing anything to grab the Media’s attention Id say she’s really a great example of being a good role model. NOT

  15. daymone meeks says

    Kim is so beautiful

  16. Biddy Buddy says

    Loni love is fake and paid frfr

  17. Grace Christian says

    Kim talking about being a good role model to her children ahahahahahahahhha!! Kim and her family are the one who will ruin thier own children NOT THE MEDIA!

  18. 2016imhere says

    Positive role model ?!!! Are you fucking joking me ! She made her name recording her sucking dick

  19. M O says

    Why are these clips so short

  20. Joanne Oxces says

    Wtf she talking like she doesn’t have naked pics out there oh and don’t forget the sex tape yup your daughter will be watching one day

  21. Hi_ Tamera says

    Damn I thought it was going to say “explaining the sex tape”. Good one The Real y’all got me

  22. Ultravioletx1 says

    She's not interesting at all

  23. Teresia Mumbi says

    can they like talk about Adriennes relationship with the Kardashians? that would have blown this to a million views by now

  24. 154angel154 says

    This WHORE Really?!

  25. Selendria Muganogo says

    I'm trying to find a reason for her not to be pretty… Can't find one… She really is a gorgeous girl… Even if it is money, it's money well spent

  26. GT1992 Torres says

    What a great example kim is to her children…NOT

  27. K D says

    "A good role model" Mommy, why are you famous?

  28. Forgiven H says

    When is the real going to be real and tell Kim she is a terrible example of a woman and mom and wife ,always showing her stuff to the world. She needs to be saved Praying for her

  29. M Lane says

    She is absolutely right..the world is not perfect and if her family is crazy that's HER FAMILY and that's THEIR LIFE…everyone else wants to fake the funk like everything is Okay… I'm sure she has positive conversation with her children she owes them an explanation not the world… everyone wants to call her out and have a say when it comes to her life choices… it's very hypocritical
    she is famous get over it

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