Kylie Jenner is Pregnant Illuminati Exposed


OH EM GEE! Kylie Jenner is pregnant. Now let’s square dance. ☆TWITTER ➥ ☆FACEBOOK ➥ CONSIDER A DONATION…

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  1. 66devilsnight says

    who gives a fuck

  2. Butterfly Love says

    I am so sick of these whore kardashins can't wait for them to disappear forever ugghh

  3. Bernice says

    She has such a" beautiful" dead look in her eyes. I'd rather die!than have sex with her or that creep!God bless. Love what you do!

  4. Mrs. ViDa says

    Lmfao!!!!! Love this vid! Sharing!!!
    They gon hav a Demon Bby..

  5. tnwilliams52 says

    Eww his fingernails are dirty af!!!

  6. CatchinXBodiezz says

    Why does your channel say you have one subscriber? Haha

  7. CyrilF says

    For being honest I could give a crap! She's a mini prostitute, promiscuous, and plastic sex slave who says is pregnant, I don't belive in her pregnancy, for being honest. I think her "pregnancy" is a way of distraction, because something big is about to happen.

  8. Internet Police says

    Can't believe this beauty is with this ape.

  9. Lin kuei warrior Kamaal says

    These people in the hip hop industry need Jesus

  10. Lin kuei warrior Kamaal says

    God'sSon+ look up dmx exposes the industry

  11. Rachael Bluee says

    I would nvr buy her makeup

  12. ARX says

    That's a man the rabbit hole goes deep

  13. Sky La says

    Kyle went from tyga to a pickaninny!

  14. zack thunder says

    Love your vids,truth I speak

  15. zack thunder says

    Tiger is disgusting,he looks like he has bad breath

  16. zack thunder says

    If that's he's baby that will be one ugly baby

  17. TRVP MARLEY says

    Satanic hand gesture ? Lol he from Houston.. maybe he throwin the H like we all do out here…

  18. Bernice says

    How do you give birth to a demon baby?maybe the horns of the "thing" will rip her open before she's going to give birth

  19. Jessica Hessica says

    sinful colors is a nail polish company it’s been around forever

  20. MartinBorsky says

    That star is communist symbol

  21. Belvedere&Raspberry333 says

    Nah blah, they keep shouting out the anti christ semi clandestinely in all of their commercials. I'm evil, and hate science & Man.

  22. by Beaux Barron says

    President Trump is the one TAKING DOWN the illuminati !!! do some research outside of Google . unsubbed

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