Guest Host Jennifer Lawrence Interviews Kim Kardashian West


Guest Host and Kardashian super fan Jennifer Lawrence talks to Kim about the first time they met, Jennifer going to her house and getting drunk with Kris Jenner, Kim’s secret hacking abilities,…

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  1. VeGAytheist says

    Every Kardashian is just NOT worth our time…. Eww

  2. krishna pal says

    She gets ass for four.

  3. Jackie Laurent says

    Kim is so nice, I'm not a fan but I have respect for her, she looks so genuinely nice and cute ><

  4. zenox_hs says

    no bra kim k

  5. wallis victor says

    Jlaw is so basic real. I love it

  6. Jonathan Marin says

    I never understand how difficult is to host a show like this, until i see celebrity host. 😀

  7. jaxenaz says

    Kim seems so genuinely lovely idk about Jennifer

  8. CS L says

    Jennifer Lawrence has a very strong voice

  9. William Stewart says

    ja, Jen blows everyting away, so, very, very smart. who knew? well , am betting Jen did, she is defo not NeuroTypical. love it.m so funny, J. Lawrence is SO much smarter, faster at thinking, and, well, basically everyting, than that, er, Kim. is that a Kard? na, any day. I would watch and listen to Jen. cos she is smart.

  10. TheCpHaddock says

    cumulative iq of 80

  11. anders damin says

    Kim, rethink what you call 'flesh color'.

  12. eLi FILMS says


  13. Jason Souder says


  14. ktelle says

    i love jennifer

  15. Adéla Stark says

    God, I just love both of these women so much

  16. Patricia says

    Jennifer has the best laugh.

  17. Ben Noort says

    "im a hacker" then says she told others to do it… Nice hacking…

  18. Henry Bream says

    "been obsessed" but wont touch her with hands

  19. Djhawke Hawke says

    God I love Jen

  20. Trevon Beckom says

    This woman it's an obsessed with Kim for some reason she makes me feel as though she may have a slight crush on Kanye I see how she's trying to find out little stuff about him she won't just say it directly but she's trying to ask little questions to get more information about him and how he is as a family man Girl bye

  21. Premier League Freak says

    Sorry to say, but i think Lawrence have to do a lot of work carrying that outfit, there's no doubt she is maybe the most beautiful woman in the world but she doesn't have to wear that outfit to prove that

  22. Eman Lawoye says

    Yaaasss j la slay btw jla is Jennifer Lawrence if Jennifer Lopez can have a nickname (j lo) so can j la

  23. Neighbour of BLACKS. says

    close the views of this video.

  24. colly beans says

    hot mess

  25. YAYAYA says

    People be sayin jennifer looks so genuine. But she seems so fake and tryin so hard to fit in every toilet/sex/haha im so disgusting joke that exists in this universe to act like she's so "relatable" and "down to earth"

  26. imtisenla milluzzo says

    i don't know if anyone noticed but Kim has such a prominent adam's apple….. is woman suppose to have that anyway?

  27. Allie lopez says

    Lol does maybe falls asleep everywhere because he does blues? Hmmmmm

  28. Janewomanpower says

    i have a Kardashian Blocker. I love Jennifer Lawerence, but wow!! she is this big fan???? oh my! i think i have lost some appeal for Lawerence.

  29. Neil Jason Villanueva says

    Two very  hot women.

  30. Sommi T says


  31. John leclair says

    2 insignifiants boops showers………..pathetic

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