Kylie Cosmetics Weather Collection Review + Swatches | MakeupShayla


Subscribe and be apart of the #Shaysquad INSTAGRAM: MakeupShayla TWITTER: MakeupShayla SNAPCHAT: MakeupShayla In this video I will be reviewing the NEW Kylie Cosmetics…

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  1. Makeupshayla says

    This is a bold look for me. What did you think of the yellow winged eyeliner?

  2. ladyfresh4sho says

    I was not ready. You killed this look.

  3. ladyfresh4sho says

    I love the creative looks. Makeup inspo

  4. Icedcaramellatte says

    Love the eye look!  You got me wanting the black lipstick now.

  5. Patricia Facey says

    Love the bold colors on you and definitely love the black lipstick…thanks for your honest reviews…Kylie cosmetics too expensive for your supporters

  6. Candace Fisher says

    Loved this look Shayla!

  7. samantha harris says

    I love the bold look babe

  8. monica andrade says

    A LITTLE EXPENSIVE BITTTTCH ITS WAAAYYYY TO FUCKEN EXPENSIVE for those whack as collection.. Kyle bitch is over pricing her shit again please people dont buy her shit spend your money somewhere else and wet n wild came out with those liquid eye shadow for 5 or 7 dollars works just as good ..please cant stress it enough DONT BUY HER MAKEUP NOMORE HER SHIT IS OVER PRICE

  9. sarah says

    Great review, and that's such a cool look. I'm cheap though. I'd rather get those colors from a better or cheaper high end brand. And I use eyeshadows as highlighters lol

  10. Jenn Lecher says

    You look amazing and thank you for the review but I would never purchase any of these sorry ass products. I have no respect for someone who takes advantage of the young girls who support her and uses them for financial gain. We all know this crappy makeup is TWICE the price (OR MORE) than it should be. This cram shadows you can get (in better colors) from Maybelline Color Tattoo or Wet n Wild for $5.99 each. She should be ashamed of herself!

  11. Giuliana Way says

    I love your reviews cause you stay true to yourself gurl❤️

  12. dasianewman says


  13. Jessica Williams says

    I has to come see ur review cuz nicol never met a PR package she didn’t like.

  14. Erika Barajas says

    I love this I so got storm vibes from this you did such s bomb job creating this look! So creative

  15. My -SOUTHERN -CALi -LiFE says

    i wannt it !!

  16. Wide Awake says

    Idk all the swatches look really ashy to me

  17. Jay RA says

    love the eye look

  18. zuckerkane says

    Whoa you just did a perfect runway look with those dark lips. Why is everyone hating on this collection? Everything looks great.

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