Evolution of Beyoncé – Pentatonix REACTION


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  1. Oddy Badar says

    Come here again because u're still get into my jessie j….so please react to "wild – jessie j at the live lounge" if u wanna hear some rap words from her. Tottally blown away for sure

  2. Shmulla ChiChi says


  3. Adrian Heaven says

    Please react to Superfruit's other mashup "Evolution of Lady Gaga" :


  4. Cassandra Denise says

    Im not sure about Mitch and Avi's range on how high and low both can go but you have to check out their Live performance in Singapore song is called "Aha"

  5. I Radevic says

    love your videos so muchhhh ahhh

  6. littlemsdrummergirl says

    There are videos titled Mitch Grassi and Avi Kaplan vocal range. You should definitely​ check them out

  7. Adrian Burtis says

    ❤❤❤ just love them. Great reaction

  8. Lordu says

    Mitch's falsetto goes up to Bb5 as far as we know. I'm a leggiero tenor which is a bit higher than light lyric tenor voice type (Mitch's vocal type) and my falsetto goes up to G6 therefore I think his is approximately up to Eb6. That's just guessing though. His highest mixed voice note is E5 and he can strain up to G#5 but it doesn't sound that good.

  9. Angel Marie says

    I came across a video I think you would like to react to……..[Instinct] Jessie J – Excuse My Rude Live @ The O2. At the end of the performance she holds the mic to her "voice box" and continues singing!! Keep on slaying us girl! #FaithFamilyForever

  10. User:Horologium says

    You should check out the Pentatonix original song "Love Again". While it doesn't have Mitch's absolute highest notes or Avi's lowest notes, it comes close in both, and Kevin's beatboxing is awesome. Just remember to bring your glow stick and your bottle of water.

    There are videos out there which showcase the highest and lowest notes of each of the members of Pentatonix. You might want to check them out, especially the ones for Mitch and Kirstie–both of them can sing in the whistle register (think Mariah Carey). The video for Mitch is really funny when he almost exactly reproduces the squeaking of Scott's magic marker across a pad of paper (from one of their Superfruit videos).

  11. elaine adams says

    Love it..love it …love it..lol..they are so addictive!!

  12. MaggieWongg says

    you asked about mitchs vocal range SOOO you might as well react to it

  13. 0MN1 Ubiquity says

    For the best example of Mitch's high note and Avi's low, this is "Aha" Singapore (the Star Vista)

  14. Mary-Anne Thomas says

    Great reaction! Can you please react to Pentatonix's Michael Jackson Medley and Cruisin for a bruising. Sorry for requesting so many things. Thanks!

  15. Brenne Merrill says

    Scott did a song with Mario Jose called Lost On You that you should really check out, it really shows his power. He also did another song called Imma Tell Your Momma On You (I think) that really shows off his range, because I don't know of you know, but he can also hit bass notes.
    Kirstin, the girl, also has some solo stuff if you want to check some of that out. I'd recommend Naked, Bad Weather, and All Night

  16. moy gert says

    You should react Pentatonix funny moments (spreecasts) by PTXVIDEOS pleasee

  17. dark chocolate says

    Do the super fruit anti Melody reaction

  18. F O says

    React to scotts best riffs and runs pleasee

  19. Davi Gomes says

    Queria ser fluente para entender você está dizendo… <3

  20. Davi Gomes says

    5:25 "I'm dead"… LOL!!

  21. jmsrh _ says

    loool your reactions are the best

  22. Devin Bartlett says

    Hey can you please react to mkre pentatonix and superfeuit. Literally any of their videos lol

  23. Dora without her weave says

    PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE do lost on you cover by scott hoying and mario jose… IT'S SOOO GOOD!!! You'll probably hate me for this, but his runs are out of control on that song, and his passion comes through omgggg I love it so much.

  24. Bpg5012 trick says

    Make sure you check Singapore Star Vista, for Mitch's and Avi's high and low notes notes

  25. Rachel Dominas says

    I think people have already posted links for Mitch Grassi’s vocal range, but here is one for Avi Kaplan. https://youtu.be/sCknQAXb5sw

  26. Viral Way says

    Hey! Hello I'm the Ecuadorian guy lol….you need to react to EVOLUTION OF MUSIC- PENTATONIX please…love u

  27. Kickinthescience says

    React to next town down evolution of boy bands

  28. KONA says

    Faith said, "…Look at his chinnn!" @Scott LMAOOOOOOOOOO

  29. Rachel Stevens says

    Girrrrllll, I love your reactions! You just come out with what everybody else is thinking!

  30. Curandera99 says

    Best reaction ever! This! This is the RIGHT way to react to so much f'n talent! THANK YOU!

  31. shianne says

    you should check out the video on mitch grassis vocal range

  32. gage baddgor says

    Hey you should react to standing by and light in the hallway , they are songs that Avi sings.

  33. Falindae says

    "Scott Imma hit you dead in yo' chin!" I died!! XD

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