Is Tyga The Real Father Of Kylie Jenner’s Baby Stormi?


Kylie Jenner’s Daughter Baby Stormi Is Already Instagram’s Most Famous Kid. Subscribe: —————————————————————————————-…

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  1. Taylor LeFlore says

    So let me get this straight. Her sister dated her baby daddy and her ex may or may not be the daddy. WOW

  2. Susan Charles says

    Travis tyga and Kylie should go on Maury to find out who's the Daddy.

  3. Tineke Williams says

    Shame to have that for a mother!

  4. FallenRose16 Fuenzalida says

    hopefully the child raise well, I really do. Just saying. For sure she going to grow up with so much shit

  5. VsatUser says

    She decently lost a bet to name the baby that lol

  6. Adlih Lucid says

    Who cares?and I don't care

  7. Flawless bribri says

    Why they giving there child's wired names? Her name should of been Traylynn Or Traylyn I don't o ow how it's spelled but that should be the baby's name and this is my opinion so back off

  8. Kawaii Unicorn says

    I thought blac chyna was too much

    I changed my mind after seeing her mum tho

  9. CuteHamsterGirl says

    i love the nameeeee

  10. Ramisa Khan says

    Febuary 2018 take 9 months back May 2017 and kylie broke up with tyga back in April 2017 stormi isn't tyga's baby

  11. Ali Aboobaker says

    Something is wrong with the talko because it seems like talko is giving heart to most of th comment

  12. RosebuD G says

    Cute name baby ⛈Stormi⛈

  13. Sukanya says

    Please please Don't make these hosts speak. I want the talko to please get back to that voice speaking.!

  14. violet light warrior says

    Blac Chyna and her "mom" need to go back and crawl under the rock they Came out from. Gold digging trolls. The name Dream comes from it was Chynas "dream" to get Rob to fall for her, impregnate her, and inherit the Kardashian name. Guess what, all those dreams came true so what A perfect name for the baby. Now Rob K. Just needs a new name; IDIOT!!

  15. Aloha Neymar says

    Fak this thot. Nobody cares about her baby

  16. Evanee Giel says


  17. Areologics RBLX says

    Omg literally leave Kylie alone and mind your own business… Jesus christ…

  18. Annette D. says

    Well I know she ain't the mother.she's a tranny.and she can't get preggers.she's a dude still.she make look female but inside she's still got male parts.

  19. Cute LovelyDiys says

    If Kylie broke up with Tyga and have a baby together!! Still Travis Scott can be Stormi dad

  20. SexMyShh says

    Lol that camel toe

  21. Elena Vermeulen says

    Military plain gallery contemporary practice mom require huh positive.

  22. Jaycie Nicole says


  23. Anja Van I says

    Baby is white

  24. Samantha Kitchens says

    I understand what Kris is saying . But on this other hand Kylie is her mother it's her choice . I would have liked stormi Jenner . And my opinion if she been with both guys do a test to solve the problem . But I seriously think it's Travis. And I love her name . !! ❤❤

  25. Matthew Smith says

    Old news, this has been the main thought ever since the rumours started…

  26. champion Brown says

    hope he is

  27. Marc Nava says

    Tyga i hope its yours bro

  28. Emma says

    Soooooo….. Is NORTH a Kardashian? or a WEST ? & if its the latter,then was there a big fuss over her taking & using Kanye's name? whether they're married or NOT, the child has the right 2his name. legally she has 2b legitimized, but still. if thats what kylie wanted then so be it. Seems 2me like she wants her individuality now. @ least SOMEBODY wants their own identity in that family.

  29. Emma says

    **sidenote** i don't blame him for wanting the test.

  30. Afsana K10 says


  31. Cynthia Phiri says free free free cash ,cars and other prizes just register then than me later

  32. Tina Marie says

    Team tyga and Kylie

  33. sharon terrell says

    Beautiful name Jenner all up in these girls grill…She wants perternity Test…..Because she wants Tyga to be th Father….All Swell Chris…..You in to deep….Tyga is a Leech and Travis better watch out for Chris Jenner…ms Jenner up to no good…I cant believe she like the boy who cannot pay his own bills,Kylie always have to bail him out…But oh i forgot Kylie is a bank….Chris Jenner….Need to stop…Wait till your girls ask for your help,Stop budding in…..Do it for the love not the likes….

  34. RUBY RUBY says

    This is what happen's when your a young mum the baby is the weight. I'm no't really into the name. I think it would be funny if it was Tyga's. Also it was a really big baby.

  35. Tiara Walsh says

    i think toga is the father

  36. fieredd92 says

    Her and Travis is not ment to be, it jump off way too fast before they Got to know each other, they don't even know each other pet peeves yet, CUZ since they got with each other she quickly got pregnant so every thing been about the expectation of the baby, he ion know if he's truly into her or it's the attention everything went way too fast, the baby over shadow him getting know her, and anything rush is not of God, GOD IS PATIENT, AND NOT FORCE, WHEN EVERYTHING SIMMER AND SETTLE DOWN, THEY MAY FIND OUT ITS ALOT THEY DONT LIKE BOUT EACH OTHER

  37. Miss Florence says

    Kylie and Travis are the parents, Kris needs to back off on what Stormi's last name is.

  38. Roena Skates says

    Tyga needs to let Kylie go, because his son's mother has a baby by her brother! Enough is enough!

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