The Kardashians Not Happy About Kylie’s $1.4 Million Gift From Travis Scott | Lehren Hollywood


While most new moms are gifted with a sentimental piece of jewelry, Kylie Jenner got a rare and wildly expensive car and her family is not at all happy about it. To know more check out this…

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  1. Bww Irving says

    La Seriously

  2. Roena Skates says

    This family only see's money and material things they know they suggested to Kylie to have her black man into buying an expensive push gift! That's how the whole family operates! This family acts as if they ain't used to having nice shit when they were younger!

  3. Roena Skates says

    That car is bad and is worth the cost!

  4. كريمه الكريمه says

    Ts a gift from a boy friend, y don't talk about all other gifts given by other kadashians like Kim, a gift remains agift , make vedios of Africa mothers and babies produced on floor s people will appreciate u

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