Kim Kardashian Dyed Hair Pink for THIS Reason


More Celebrity News ▻▻ Kim Kardashian threw caution to the wind and dyed her hair bright pink over the weekend and now we know why. And no, the answer isn’t…

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  1. Marissa Mahabir says

    It looks pretty good

  2. Hasnain Shakoor says

    Why am I not surprised

  3. Matthew Smith says


  4. ButeraBoy says

    i really thought it was bc of Ariana’s hair and stuff

  5. SAVEY B says

    Starting to think clever news gets paid to talk about the Kardashians…. unsubscribe

  6. Punita Iyengar says

    I thought she said “I don’t really do wigs” and then she said she was inspired after a wig she wore for some shoot. Whaaat?

  7. Shamma Alamimi says


  8. Paw Christ says

    Inspired by kpop

  9. emma says

    didn’t get the big “reason” but ok

  10. FaTima White says

    I still can't believe Kim is 37

  11. Shabby Dawson says

    shes turning to jeffree star

  12. They'll Tell You I'm Insane says

    Wow that really saved my life
    I was dying to know why the hell she dyed her fucking hair

  13. They'll Tell You I'm Insane says

    She just wants attention, and here u are giving her what she wants and no one even cares

  14. Bruna Caron says

    really? the way u guys put it it seams it was something for a cause, but no… argh im sick of kim kardashian already

  15. Patricia Xo says

    That's a wig sis

  16. Big Beefy cakes says

    It’s not died, it’s a wig

  17. Ali Higgins says

    She’s inspired by Toni topaz off Riverdale

  18. Suzanne Baxter says

    She doesn't have long hair anymore. Go back dark

  19. Katarina Child in Time says

    Today we had "Pink shirt day" at school, it was ant-bullying, not that it worked, but I thought it will be about this, since it's international.

  20. Montero says

    whatever !! she is KK!

  21. sophie craft says

    Search: how to feel more confident when hooking up if u wanna see her

  22. Rachel Benites says

    If your a hairstylist just by hearing the word dye bothers me it’s color people!! Color!!!

  23. Christina Thomas says


  24. Nëëkø Nëëks says

    #KimK!!!! Yo mee N #OffSet was in jail…. We seeN the hair…. Helllll yeeaaah piNk is hella coo….
    We was hell beat up at the #2018Allstar game even in ghost and spirit mode…. Haa haaaa were Yae iz????

  25. Danielle Jantjies says

    how about you just name this channel Kardashian News

  26. Djarkoes says

    A very clever news just like the name itself. very very clever, bravo!

  27. Ssra Knoue says

    Yeah right….. just like your ass is real …..such a fucking liar. Take care of your fucking kids and be a real…. I repeat…. real mother.

  28. Natali Lara says

    I think she's going through a mid life crisis's btw I don't think it's classy at all .

  29. iiikatex x says

    I would dye my tips will be in the bottom.

  30. Ciarra Troke says

    Brown hair

  31. Dawar Khan says

    The caption her hair dresser or whatever used the same caption as Katy with chained to the rhythm before it was released

  32. Harsha Deuri says

    whuda who

  33. Shana Fry says

    Well I'm glad Kim Kardashian got rid of that platinum blonde thin pink looks better but she should go back to being jet black raven hair see the color of the roots does that work most of her hair colors it looks ridiculous she should have just did a pink frame around her face if she's not going to do her roots who really gives a care about the Kardashians there no more special than anybody else it's the drama that keeps them on television I don't know but I have a feeling they're on their way out I think everybody's over them and I really think they could use a complete makeover they have hair makeup clothing line but I think they need a little help in their wardrobes Aaron makeup they try to be friendly but somebody should tell them it doesn't look that good sometimes less is more fun hair and makeup and nails sometimes clothing is more is better than less respect & classy better to be a better role model smart and Savvy business woman instead of so cheap

  34. Nancy Loyal says

    She wants to be Kylie and Kris wants to be her. Silly

  35. chel loouve says

    issa wig

  36. Monét Williams says

    I know you guys wants us to be on top of things with celebrities but this is not news. This something you see on their show and say hey that looks nice. But not on a news channel.

  37. I hate fake people says

    She tries too damn hard, cuz all the attention at the moment is Kylie

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