Kendall Jenner Reads a Letter She Wrote as a Teen Predicting Her Modeling Fame


Kendall Jenner reveals why she didn’t really care about being on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and reads a letter she wrote to herself seven years ago predicting her fame. Subscribe NOW…

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  1. Kate Silva says

    So inspiring good for u k

  2. G Fiat 500 says

    She does not come off humble at all. Like show a little humility u asshole.

  3. I hate fake people says

    Kylie has never been on this show by herself

  4. Cia Kha says

    i think gigi hadid is more better,,gigi is so humble nd down to earth,unlike kendall or kylie..agree?
    but i love kendall too,,she is so beautiful

  5. Zion2.0 says

    She’s a gorgeous girl, but “Model of the decade”?? Has she been modeling for a decade??

  6. No Name says

    All I hear is like like like like like like like

  7. Diego Pisfil says

    Zayn Malik+Michael Jackson+Sandra Bullock+Christopher Nolan+Miranda Cosgrove+Lorde+Johnny Depp+Demi Lovato+RJ Mitte+Daniel Day-Lewis+Emma Watson+Miley Cyrus+Timothée Chalamet+Logan Lerman+Daniel Craig+Barbara Palvin+Cara Delevingne+Bill Kaulitz+Sam Smith+Elizabeth Olsen+Nina Dobrev+Jimmy Fallon+Luke Hemmings=Kendall Jenner?

  8. Elizabeth Farmer says

    Love you Kendall

  9. Calvert Attisha says

    This is gruel

  10. Matthew Williams says

    The only Kardashian who seems self aware.

  11. Jorge Hernandez says

    Lets be honest, Kendall panicked when she was told to write out a number. lol

  12. Sandi Gunawan Kusika says

    I'm in Kendall,let's do it. : )

  13. Nataly says

    Omg her and writing is so neat

  14. Zahra Ahmed says

    No hate, no hate i love kendall ❤ but i don't know why i feel like people would've loved her so much if she wasn't a kardashian/jenner.

  15. Anna says

    She's really awesome and unlike her sisters she's so natural.

  16. Kiki FTV says

    She legit wrote that letter on my BIrthday…

  17. Kathryn1209 says

    Like like like like fuck pick another word

  18. Darious .D says

    She’s unlikeable

  19. W.H.A.T says

    Kendall Jenner, Gal Gadot, Lauren jauregui and Hailee steinfeld are my celebrity crushes. Brunettes all the way!!!!

  20. Marty says

    So the 1-up with the show is not the billionz of dollaz????? Not even worth mentioning???

  21. xxmop123xx says

    Doesn't she have a dog? Or dog she get rid of it
    The one that shitted everywhere in Kris' house

  22. amohamoud says

    I feel like she can articulate herself better than anyone in her family. The rest of them always look or sound dumb during interviews, but she doesn’t.

  23. scooby la boo says

    i write songs 4 kendall

  24. Hannah Bahri says

    she’s so pretty!M?,

  25. blue sea. says

    She got lip fillers

  26. melanie jane says

    congrats you predicted your fame when you were already famous X'D

  27. Fouad The Crystal Gem says

    She’s the only one of this entire family that I like because she’s not fake

  28. JessieboBessie McNally says

    Kendall is on the good kush.

  29. Pete Johnson says

    She’s amazing. I truly love her

  30. Adrian Víctor perez says

    Kendall es súper perfect ow

  31. ketty amanda putri says

    wow congrats!

  32. Ashton Gary Oak says

    I love Kendall

  33. angelasings24 says

    why does she remind me of gal gadot here??

  34. Annie Lue says

    Is she not wearing a bra???

  35. Kim Darryl Catangui says

    She sounds like gigi hadid, BFF GOALS!!

  36. Marley says

    Jimmy is so cuteeee

  37. Marjory Roberts says

    why am I crying

  38. Stan Peterson says

    I'd tap that

  39. Dimitra says

    "Yaaa" or "like"

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