Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Seen Out Together for First Time Since Stormi’s Birth


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott took a parenting break to spend some quality time together, and we got them taking off in a HOT whip … probably to get home to their baby. SUBSCRIBE:…

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  1. Bradleys s says

    Both are disgusting and should stick to their own races

  2. Sage Of The Six Paths. says

    Chase B hoppin’ in the Lambo

  3. Kyle Nixon says

    Who cares?

  4. Ozla Tube says


  5. GEMJ M says

    Planet earth is dying.

  6. Manuel Cardenas says

    Why those rappers get so khaki after they famous they just forget where they coming from ,nothing last forever in this planet

  7. xLostInSmokex says

    Kylie looking THICC ASF

  8. Chris Lowe says

    Y do people care

  9. bee Lover says


  10. Trent hbk says

    It was fire when they both opened the door lol

  11. Trent hbk says

    That's his ass forever now since that's his baby mama

  12. Johnny U. says

    Black men owning the interracial dating scene since black panther came out

  13. CEO of YouTube says

    Wtf is a Stormi?

  14. The G.O.A.T says

    Damn my boi Travis in LaFerrari now

  15. Jay Ali says

    This guy is a sell out, make money and run the white life.

  16. saqib muneer says

    What a life style , I wish I had one

  17. jenon mino says

    Lol how's mother hood tmz has no chill

  18. Sasha Minx says


  19. George Funny says

    Loool its jokes these kardashians hower you spell it think they take all these brand new cars the millions of pounds with them to thr sky once they die hahaha

  20. Colton Vanderwall says

    Damn she has so much fucking money. Actually so cool to see a girl BOSS who loves her cars. That LaFerrari is unbelievable, what other 20 year old on the planet has one? She’s gotta be the only self made female in the world with one of them ($3.5 Million)

  21. RAYDi8OR says

    The Ferrari. Great family car.

  22. bouh1979nktt says

    This family is a cancer in society

  23. Teion Bennett says

    That Ferrari was crazy

  24. Anakin Skywalker says

    Damn my Volkswagen up needs a new wheel

  25. Romick Vieira says

    Look at the cars :0

  26. Troopz says

    These people get paid for being people.

  27. Doggy Crap says

    She’s just mad because that Ferrari is all carbon fiber and race track suspension.

  28. Ted Bundy says

    Hope they hit by a drunk driver. Materialistic bs nothing to offer mankind but their shitty music.

  29. GaspingAlien says

    DNA test

  30. Johny Flores says

    S C U M S

  31. Young Conservative says

    What Fing restaurant is that? 75% of the cars are super cars. It's usually like 50%

  32. Mink says

    What kind of name is Stormi I don't get it sounds like you just picked something that sounds cool and ended it with an e, i, y vowel sound

  33. MC Wolf Creek says

    Daaam these dudes pulled out a fleet of cars

  34. natalie storm says

    They so hype and Travis looks like a lizard, but ill still let him fuck

  35. mrsmoyster says

    ask the nannies how that baby is

  36. ronnie camron says

    Tyga was/is the real deal for Kylie

  37. Brandon Browere says

    Isn’t that his lambo west coast custom did for him?

  38. Brandon Browere says

    Isn’t that his lambo west coast custom did for him?

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