Gorgeous – Taylor Swift I Cover ft. Andrea


Covering “Gorgeous” by Taylor Swift with Andrea! This girl has some PIPES!! Show her some love! 🙂 Andrea’s Channel: http://bit.ly/2ovAOoh …

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  1. Guitar Goddess says

    Happy T-Swift Tuesday! Normally, I post tutorials, however, I met up with Andrea back in December and we wanted to jam out to some T-Swizzle together. Go show her some LOVE!! She's a lil' shy, but such a sweetheart and I pretty much consider her my little sister. <3

  2. Rini says

    Beautiful performance Gg and Andrea ! Do more !

  3. Mrunmayee Ovhal says

    You are my inspiration and my idol too.

  4. Miguel Henderson Swift says

    i love your videos <3.. beautiful voices <3

  5. fallout raider says

    Try making the guitar softer too bring out her voice a little more

  6. Alicia Foster says

    Uuuuuugggggghhhhh I love this song so much and this sounds so pretty very nice job keep doing you!!!!!

  7. Caleb says

    awe you guys sing so pretty together <3

  8. little short says

    Do more covers

  9. Supreme_ meeme says

    U said u like the foo fighters right. Can u do a cover of everlong

  10. Tarik Terzić says

    Do a tutorial on Photograph-Ed Sheeran

  11. Bethany_D14 says

    What guitar are you using?

  12. avinash magar says

    Her voice is amazing

  13. basani sruthi says

    Hey, I love your work. Can you please teach us how to play From Eden by hozier.

  14. Bounty Killer says

    Marry me..! Andrea.

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